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SEPTEMBER Newsletter 2017

EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
Tighten, recontour your face over lunch ... with nonsurgical PDO Threadlift
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletterGet a refreshed look that's still you, and in plenty of time to look your best for all your social events, the second-half of the year!

Meet PDO Threadlift

A minimally-invasive alternative to surgeries that require downtime and healing, PDO Threadlift is also an effective alternative to other minimally-invasive techniques. It contours and corrects laxity in the lower third of the face, whereas Botox and fillers are designed to treat the upper- and mid-face.

The "PDO" refers to polydioxanone, a synthetic material in absorbable sutures or threads. Our professionals use hypodermic needles preloaded with these PDO threads to apply them to the treatment areas. As the needle is pulled away, the threads are left behind. PDO sutures offer a powerful corrective treatment for so many different reasons:
  • They're safe, even used in open-heart surgeries.
  • As your skin absorbs the sutures, new firming collagen is built around the site.
  • The threads are designed with special grips that allow for instant nonsurgical skin repositioning.
The procedure can be completed over lunch, and you’ll notice increasingly better results as the treatment site heals.

Reverse the effects of gravity! Contact us for more information on the PDO Threadlift procedure.
Pointing out the wrinkles in Botox myths
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletterBotox reigns as the most sought-after, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the U.S. While more people are sharing their great experiences with Botox, old myths linger. Here we provide some truth:
  • Myth 1: Botox makes your face look frozen. Small amounts introduced to specific muscles preserve natural expression, resulting in softer lines without inhibiting muscle action. The obvious “frozen face” you may have seen on celebs happens when too much is injected.
  • Myth 2: Botox is risky. Botox is among the most well-researched cosmetic treatments available. Botox Cosmetic secured FDA approval in 2002, but its medical application goes back much further than that as a successful treatment for everything from excessive sweating to migraines. Complications such as droopy eyelids, crooked smiles, and dry eyes are very rare, and usually resolve in a few weeks.
  • Myth 3. Botox is for old ladies. Younger patients, including males, are driving Botox’s popularity. Look at Botox as prevention; a muscle that doesn’t contract can’t make the lines that result in a perpetually angry or tired look. Also, you may need less Botox over time as muscles are retrained.
In addition to Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are other alternatives to help you get rid of Wrinkles!!

FAQs on Botox Treatment in Bend
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
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EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
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EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter

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EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
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EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
FAQs on laser skin resurfacing
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EsthetixMD aug 2017 newsletter
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