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Bend area professional offers treatment for cellulite

Treatment for cellulite

Cellulite is a skin concern that affects almost 90 percent of women at some point, as well as 10 percent of men. It is a common concern for many individuals who want smooth, youthful skin. At EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center, we have some of the most advanced technologies for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including cellulite. ZWave Cellulite Reduction Our practice utilizes Acoustical Radial Waves to destabilize the fat structure that results in cellulite. It is the only treatment that targets the problem at the source. The device emits radial waves, which can provide gradual results over … Continue reading

Effective non-invasive cellulite treatment is available in Bend

Effective non-invasive cellulite treatment

Patients seeking non-invasive cellulite treatment in Bend, Oregon are welcome to make an appointment at EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center. Our professionals, Drs. Jamie McAllister, Jeffrey Scott, and Marlene Covey, are here to help patients in and around the community with a wide range of general and cosmetic dermatology services. From laser hair removal to non-invasive fat reduction, patients can enjoy a selection of treatments right in their hometown. Patients who are struggling with the appearance of cellulite on their skin may want to discuss the endless possibility with ZWave. What is ZWave? ZWave is an FDA-cleared device that is … Continue reading

Bend, OR wants to know: Does Zwave for cellulite have other benefits?

Non invasive cellulite treatment in bend

Cellulite is an extremely common condition. About 90 percent of women start seeing this dimpled flesh on abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, beginning at about age 25. While there is no cure for cellulite, today we have a better understanding of what causes it. That has led to technologies such as Zwave to combat “orange peel” effectively. EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center in Bend, OR encourages you to consider the benefits of this treatment. What is cellulite? Cellulite is not a special kind of fat. It is a combination of physiological traits: Subcutaneous fat – Everyone has this layer just beneath skin. It … Continue reading

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