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We are proud to offer CoolSculpting in our practice. CoolSculpting is the world’s leading non-invasive fat reduction treatment. With millions of treatments performed worldwide. The New York Times says the leading procedure in the non-invasive body contouring category is called CoolSculpting. New Beauty magazine readers voted CoolSculpting tops for treating fat pockets and freezing them away. You may be wondering if CoolSculpting is right for you? Ask your clinician for a CoolSculpting consultation today. Mirrors, they show us all our problem areas. Those places where we carry excess fat. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your clothes don’t fit the way they used to or maybe you’ve been working out but still can’t seem to lose that stubborn fat. CoolSculpting targets and eliminates fat in problem areas such as your abdomen, flanks, and thighs. You can reduce that excess fat under your chin, eliminate unwanted back fat and bra fat, and now thanks to the latest CoolSculpting technology, reduce fat on your upper arms. Love what you see when you look in the mirror. Ask your clinician about CoolSculpting today. CoolSculpting is a patented cooling technology that targets and kills fat cells with no surgery or downtime. Your clinician will work with you to develop a treatment plan personalized to your specific fat reduction goals. Each treatment lasts as little as 35 minutes. During treatment your CoolSculpting clinician will first attach the applicator. This non-invasive procedure freezes the fat away without harming the skin. During the treatment you can relax read browse the internet or even nap. After treatment you can immediately return to your normal daily activities. You may start to notice results in a few weeks, but best results are seen in about two to three months. CoolSculpting treats the problem areas that bother you the most. After getting the CoolSculpting procedure, it gave me back the body I had before I had kids. I feel much more confident. It feels so good to just put on anything and know that I look as good as i’ve ever looked. I don’t have to think about what I wear and how it’s going to make me feel anymore. I know everything I put on it’s going to make me feel good and that’s a new feeling just makes you feel kind of a little bit more like I can do this, I can do this. Now’s the time to see a slimmer you. Take the first step and get your CoolSculpting consultation today.

CoolSculpting just got better with CoolAdvantage, the new applicators that deliver even better outcomes.

Video Transcript

Coolsculpting just got even better, with the launch of CoolAdvantage. Our revolutionary new applicator delivers even better patient outcomes. The new applicator works with three easy to use interchangeable contours. Cool fit advantage, Cool core advantage, and cool curve plus advantage. Our revolutionary new applicator delivers even better patient outcomes. How? With shorter treatment times, greater comfort, and a larger cooling area that treats more tissue. Shorter treatment time. 35 minutes cuts treatment time by nearly half, due to a Revolutionary Cup design and colder temperatures. Greater comfort, patients report 45 percent improvement in comfort scores during treatment with the cool advantage applicator. More tissue treated. The new design provides a larger cooling area. CoolSculpting technology continues to lead the way in non-invasive fat reduction worldwide.

Have the body you want without altering your lifestyle. CoolSculpting makes it possible.

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Meet Noel, she’s taking her little one for a stroll. Like a lot of new moms, she’s frustrated with her figure and struggling with that last bit of baby bulge. Luckily there’s a non-surgical procedure that can help moms or any woman transform herself. It’s called CoolSculpting developed by Harvard scientists and offered only by licensed physicians, CoolSculpting innovative non-invasive technology freezes and naturally eliminates fat from the body. This breakthrough procedure can safely eliminate fat with no needles no special diets no exercise programs and no downtime. Best of all you can have the body you want without altering your entire lifestyle. Ask a cool sculpting provider for a consultation to see if CoolSculpting is right for you. Transform yourself with cool sculpting.

Experience CoolSculpting in Bend, the technology that eliminates fat cells by freezing them to death.

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CoolSculpting targets and cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger their natural death. Importantly because lipids in fact crystallized faster than normal cells, there is no damage to nerves or other tissue. Over the next few weeks and months, the fat cells shrink can begin to die as the patient’s own body metabolizes them and naturally eliminates them. The overall fat layer is significantly reduced, which results in a noticeable and measurable reduction in the fat bulge around the targeted flank.

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Video Transcript

The most popular question that we get is how much does cool sculpting cost? When we meet with you during the consultation we go for your goals and we do a full body analysis doing the analysis. During the analysis we try to do a total transformation and tell you exactly how we would treat you with how many points, so if with what applicators and depending on what applicator we are using on what body part we’re treating what your goals are, the price varies. When you come in for your consultation, we go through your goals. What you’re looking for? What are the areas that bother you? During the consultation I explain the whole process thoroughly of what happens. During treatment, what happens post treatment and what you need to do pre-treatment. This is a no downtime procedure. It’s non-invasive, you get in. You’ll get out. As far as results go. You’ll see about 20 to 25% reduction of the area we treat you can treat. You can treat as many times that you would like, as much as you want. We usually, during the consultation, access you and we tell you how many treatments it takes to get to your goal. It works. The great thing about CoolSculpting, it works. We are the number one practice in Oregon and top 4 percent in the northwest. We know what we’re doing. We do it well and we want to make sure you get great results.

Eliminate unwanted fat cells with CoolSculpting: No surgery or downtime.

Video Transcript

Mirrors they show us all our problem areas. Those places that we can’t wish or squish away. Well now fear no mirror and eliminate those problem areas with cool sculpting from EsthetixMD. The cooling technology targets and kills fat cells with no surgery or downtime. Visit us at esthetixmd.com or call us at 541-330-5551 mentioned this Ad and get 20 percent off and a free consultation.

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