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Carly Belle

Carly Belle, CPT, CNS, CES, CTRX, CKBI, ACPT, NCSF, OS, 200hr YT

EsthetixMD, Spa & Laser Center, is proud to include Carly Belle as a part of our esteemed staff. Ms. Belle has worked as a coach, personal trainer, teacher, seminar host, and leader and innovator in the wellness field, gaining national recognition for her contributions. She joins us as a certified nutrition specialist, however, she also has worked hard to create a unique combination of corrective exercise, programming, and nutritional medicine. She is committed to helping our team create a holistic approach to your wellness. She’s excited to be a part of EsthetixMD’s team, because “Together with a combined community of efforts, every ‘body’, can have their best ‘body’. We all need help from our peers, family, gym, because it is a community that raises a person. We can’t do it alone.” Schedule your appointment today to get Ms. Belle’s extraordinary insight on the right diet for you.

Ms. Belle will be working at EsthetixMD, Spa & Laser Center on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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