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Preparing for CO2 laser resurfacing at EsthetixMD in Bend, Oregon

CO2 laser resurfacing

The team at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center shares a common passion – helping people just like you love what you see when you look in the mirror. One of the ways we accomplish that is with CO2 laser resurfacing. Women and men in the Bend, Oregon area are looking refreshed and younger with this treatment option.

The science of beautiful skin

You may hear laser resurfacing referred to as laser peel, laser vaporization, or lasabrasion. Regardless, it effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and at the mouth. Shallow acne scars, enlarged oil glands on the nose, warts, and other complexion blemishes also respond well to CO2 laser resurfacing. Treatment can be used to revitalize non-responsive skin after facelift surgery, as well.

The doctor directs short pulses of concentrated light energy to the treatment area, to precisely remove skin one layer at a time. Our fractional CO2 laser device breaks the light beam into microscopic columns, which penetrate problem areas without harm to adjacent skin cells.

Preparing for your appointment

The first step toward preparing for CO2 laser resurfacing is to schedule a consultation at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center. We take time to understand your appearance concerns and goals. Together, we create a customized treatment plan to get you there. If CO2 laser resurfacing is right for you, here are a few steps to help you prepare for treatment:

  • Be sure to tell us if you are prone to cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth, even if none are apparent at consultation. We can prescribe an antiviral medication to use in advance, to minimize risk of breakouts from the laser.
  • For ten days before treatment, avoid medications or supplements that impede clotting. This includes vitamin E, aspirin, and ibuprofen.
  • Smoking inhibits healing, so please do not smoke for two weeks before and after laser therapy. Besides, smoking ages your skin, and we care about your health! This is a great time to quit.
  • We may prescribe an oral to take before treatment, to prevent bacterial infection. If so, please use it as we advise.
  • Depending on the treatment area, the procedure takes from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Usually only a local anesthetic is needed, but we will talk with you about the option of sedation. In either case, it is a good idea to arrange for someone to drive you to and from your appointment so you can relax and rest.

Our team answers your questions and describes what to expect during treatment. You are given detailed post-procedure instructions to stay comfortable and promote beautiful results as skin heals.

CO2 laser resurfacing is just one of the effective skin rejuvenation options available at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center in Bend, Oregon. Call us today at (541) 303-9155 to learn more.

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