The CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 laser advantage – Revitalize, without damaging heat in Bend, OR

EsthetixMD is pleased to offer a technology that provides the best of traditional CO2 lasers, without the downtime and risks of complications associated with earlier-generation devices. In fact, CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 laser at our Bend, OR office features what makes this treatment so different in its name: the cool in CoolPeel refers to how the laser’s proprietary technology eliminates the lingering heat that causes thermal damage to surrounding skin. Thanks to the Tetra’s exclusive pulse technology, which delivers powerful energy in short, precise, and controllable pulses, you enjoy all the benefits of laser skin resurfacing without the considerable healing required of traditional ablative laser-based therapies.

What CoolPeel Co2 laser resurfacing can do for you

What CoolPeel Co2 laser resurfacing can do for you - Bend, OR

If you desire younger and healthier skin, without the trade-offs of other cosmetic treatments, CoolPeel is for you! Here are just some of the ways EsthetixMD patients have benefited from the latest in Co2 technology, as an alternative to invasive surgical treatments or nonsurgical procedures that require several sessions to see results:

  • Softens fine lines
  • Improves the appearance of sun damage
  • Significantly reduces pore size
  • Treats acne and acne scars
  • Improves texture for softer, more luminous skin

Many of our patients love that they’re able to rock the no-makeup look – treated skin appears and feels just that good!

The process to achieve those results is also hassle-free:

  • A full-face CoolPeel takes about 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Treatment is so well-tolerated that anesthesia or localized numbing agents aren’t necessary; your clinician may discuss if topical products are appropriate (for added comfort).
  • Common side effects are minimal and temporary, with skin usually looking and feeling like a mild to moderate sunburn that subsides around one to two days post-procedure.

You can get back to regular activities immediately following treatment. Just take care to follow instructions provided by EsthetixMD; for instance, avoid exposing your skin to the sun or sweating (no super-intense workouts) in the hours following treatment. It’s also important to prevent the skin from drying out, a barrier cream along with growth factors and a oxygen cool misting spray may be used for hydration and comfort. With the fractional ablative Tetra Co2 procedure you must resist the urge to cover lingering pink or red discoloration with makeup for at least 24 hours after treatment – let your skin breathe! It will help you to heal.

 However, with the coolpeel procedure you may use some types of mineral makeup right after the procedure as long as you are keeping the area moist and protected from the sun by using  non chemical UVA & UVB sun protection. Our team of experts are happy to help you with selecting which formula is best.

Relax and exhale … you can reset the clock on aging and reveal healthier skin, without the side effects and with CoolPeel laser skin resurfacing that fits effortlessly into your busy lifestyle. Call (541) 303-9155 to schedule your consultation at EsthetixMD in Bend, OR.