When you visit EsthetixMD for laser hair removal, you can enjoy the results you want with maximum safety and comfort. The clinical team in our Bend, Oregon esthetic center understands that your skin has unique qualities and we tailor treatments accordingly. We have performed thousands of laser hair removal treatments on all areas of the body with excellent results.

Can laser hair removal be done on the face?

Facial hair can be a distressing problem. For the man who wants smooth skin, facial hair requires almost-constant grooming and still leaves a persistent “shadow” where stubble can be seen. Women with facial hair may feel intensely self-conscious. In either situation, laser hair removal can be the ideal solution for smoother, more attractive skin.

How can laser energy remove hair?

Laser treatment focused on hair follicles causes selective photothermolysis. The quick pulses of precise wavelengths of light enter hundreds of follicles at once. Here, the melanin, or pigment in hair, converts light to heat. As the heat contacts the regenerative structures of hair follicles, they become inactive, unable to produce hair. Because the rise in temperature within follicles occurs instantaneously, the desired result is achieved without disrupting surrounding tissues and the surface of the skin.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal comes from a combination of factors, including the wavelength of light, the duration of light pulses, and the size of the beam. These factors have been perfected in the LightSheer laser hair removal system.

Why choose LightSheer laser treatment?

LightSheer lasers have become recognized as the best for treating areas of unwanted hair. The diode technology has been extensively studied for clinical performance, safety, and comfort. Clinicians appreciate the versatility of this product, while patients enjoy the improved comfort that comes from the built-in cooling device that soothes the skin’s surface while follicles are quickly disabled.

How many treatments are necessary?

During your consultation for laser hair removal, we will give you our best estimate of how many treatments you will need to achieve lasting results. Most patients achieve their desired outcome in 4 to 8 sessions.

What happens during each treatment?

Each session targets hair that is actively growing. As you go through the natural cycle of hair growth, we will schedule subsequent sessions to target hairs in the active growth phase. It may take six to twelve sessions to complete the cycle.

You don’t have to live with embarrassing facial hair. Contact our office in Bend, Oregon today and schedule your consultation to learn about laser hair removal.


Like other areas of the body, laser energy may feel like a slight pinch or sting. Most patients find treatment very tolerable. We are happy to discuss ways to improve your treatment experience.

Laser hair removal is very gentle, and most people notice an improvement in ingrown hairs after their very first treatment.

Women tend to request laser hair removal for areas including the chin, sideburns, upper lip, and neck. Men often want laser hair removal for the back of the neck, the full beard area, or the neckline, beneath where they would trim their beard.

Pseudofolliculitis is an uncomfortable bumpy condition that may result from shaving and other hair removal methods. Because hairs are destroyed in the follicles, laser hair removal can lead to significant improvement in the smoothness and comfort of the skin.

Yes. Because hair is removed from the follicles, not just above the surface, you can say goodbye to shadowing.

Some people do notice that the first few sessions of laser hair removal worsen existing acne, or cause temporary breakouts. However, after the initial sessions, this should cease. In fact, removing hair with laser energy can lead to ongoing improvement, since shaving can cause irritation that aggravates acne.