At EsthetixMD we want you to feel like your best self. With FIT Bodywrap® treatments in our comfortable practice, you can feel more relaxed while you rejuvenate your skin and body from the inside out.

What is the FIT Bodywrap®?

The FIT Bodywrap® accomplishes multiple goals all with the power of far infrared heat (FIR). Far infrared thermal therapies are not new and are based on proven science that specific types of energy promote numerous physical and mental benefits.

Why would I want a FIT Bodywrap®?

If you want to detox your body, minimize the appearance of cellulite, maximize your weight loss, rejuvenate the skin, and pamper your body and soul, you will love what occurs during your body wrap sessions.

How does far infrared work?

Body wraps have been used for many years for numerous purposes. The FIT Bodywrap®, using infrared energy, warms the body in a manner similar to the sun. Imagine how you feel when the sun peeks out from behind a cloud. Rather than just heating up your skin, the sun warms you deep within. This is an example of infrared heat.

Your FIT Bodywrap® session involves a wrap that generates the same wavelengths of heat that come from the sun and from your own body. Completely safe, comfortable, and natural, this thermal energy promotes heating at a depth of 1 – 2 inches beneath the skin. When tissues are heated just over 100 degrees, toxins such as heavy metals and fats disintegrate. Many of them are immediately expelled in sweat, while other toxins and fats will pass through the kidneys.

What happens during treatment?

Heated by infrared energy, the body’s cooling response sets over 2 million sweat glands into action. Studies show that infrared treatments produce significantly more sweat than a session in a steam sauna. The benefit of this heating and cooling action is that the body expends a great deal of energy, which increases tissue oxygenation, blood flow, and metabolic rates. This equates to calories burned. To enhance caloric expenditure, we recommend pre-treatment with the FIT Booster Spray.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

The FIT Bodywrap® can target problem areas with controlled heat. You can also immerse your whole body in a blanket of evenly-dispersed heat for extended benefits.

You can experience the benefits of weight loss, pain relief, cellulite reduction, detoxification, and more when you schedule your FIT Bodywrap® treatment at EsthetixMD in Bend. Contact us today at (541) 303-9155.


During a FIT Bodywrap session, you will lie back comfortably within a heated “cocoon,” or blanket. Various zones of the wrap can be adjusted to a comfortable heat which will produce significant sweating. If you feel too warm, you will be able to turn down the heat in different zones.

You will have a few minutes to get ready for your wrap. Once you are in your infrared cocoon, you will lie back and relax for 60 minutes.

The Bodywrap covers you from the neck down, so your entire body receives consistent, comfortable heat. You may adjust temperature settings in different zones, which include the arms, legs, hips, and abdomen.

Research indicates that infrared heat burns hundreds of calories in a short session. However, many people who engage in this therapeutic treatment do not notice significant weight loss. What is noticed is a reduction in circumference, which can occur as the body releases excess fat and toxins.

There is no research to suggest that implants will be changed by infrared energy. However, clients are encouraged to speak with their physician before beginning treatment. If there is a concern about breast implants, it is possible to adjust the heat in the breast area to a lower temperature.

The FIT Bodywrap is not appropriate for pregnant women. It may not be indicated for people with artificial joints or with rods or pins in the body. Individuals with chronic health conditions should speak with their physician before starting sessions.