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How Bend, OR patients can improve GI health

The body needs nutrients and sustenance in order to survive.  The body needs nutrients and sustenance in order to survive. Aside from oxygen, nearly all essential components of health and survival are consumed orally. Food, water, vitamins, and medications are processed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. If it is not functioning properly, you might not be getting the most out of your food, while toxins may be accumulating at a rapid pace. We understand that optimal GI health is key to overall wellness, and offer solutions designed to help our Bend, OR patients achieve just that.

Four steps to a healthy digestive system

  1. Remove – The process begins with discovering food sensitivities and eliminating the triggers, along with toxins and other problematic substances. Supplements may be recommended to eliminate unfriendly organisms, such as yeast or bacteria.
  2. Replace – The second step is replacing essential nutrients, vitamins, and other compounds that your body needs to support digestive health. Appropriate digestive aids may be recommended to help the body break down foods and assimilate nutrients.
  3. Repopulate – Next is adding probiotics to keep digestive problems at bay. Various probiotic formulas may be recommended, depending on your unique needs.
  4. Repair – Finally, your body may need help repairing damage to GI health and effects of disease, poor nutrition, or other past problems. Supplemental formulas may help restore the GI tract mucosal lining and help with issues such as bloating.

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