One of the leading concerns men and women report in consumer surveys on beauty is submental fullness, also known as a “double chin.” In one survey, conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 68 percent of those asked said they felt bothered by excess fat beneath the chin. This is only 3 percent behind those who report concerns about lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Is a double-chin caused by excess weight?

The issue of submental fullness has historically been a challenge, with liposuction being the most efficient treatment for correction. Unlike many other areas of the body, chin fat does not respond to diet and exercise. Many people who have a double chin are at their ideal body weight. This issue is weight-related in only a fraction of cases. One of the other primary factors involved in the development of submental fullness is genetics, which you simply cannot change.

Can a double-chin be treated without surgery?

We are proud to be at the forefront of innovative esthetic treatments. Having completed the required training, our clinicians have the skills to minimize your problem area with KybellaTM. This medication has been formulated to destroy the subcutaneous fat that accumulates in the area just below the chin.

What is KybellaTM?

The KybellaTM formulation is based on a substance already present in your body: deoxycholic acid. The role this substance plays is to assist in the breakdown of fat. In clinical trials, targeting submental fullness with deoxycholic acid resulted in promising results. The chin contouring achieved with this injectable treatment has reportedly helped thousands of patients feel more confident in their appearance.

What can be expected from KybellaTM treatment?

The deoxycholic acid in KybellaTM works with your body’s natural tendency to metabolize fat. Using a precision technique to address the target area, your clinician will inject small doses of the fat-destroying substance. Initially, your chin may feel slightly enlarged. You may notice minor swelling as fat cells absorb the acid.

How many treatments are necessary?

Over time, as the KybellaTM solution penetrates cells, your chin will decrease in size. With subsequent treatments, contours will become more defined and youthful in appearance. Many patients notice their desired result after two to four treatments. When necessary, additional sessions will be scheduled.

We can help you improve your profile without surgery. Contact EsthetixMD to learn more about KybellaTM.

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FDA approves non-surgical treatment to melt double chin fat


Kybella has been FDA-approved for the treatment of submental fullness only. Only on-label uses are currently available.

The mild swelling and tingling that occur after Kybella treatment should last only a few days. The injected area may feel slightly “full” as the solution is absorbed. Redness at injection sites will diminish over several hours.

The deoxycholic acid substance causes the elimination of fat cells. This is different from shrinking cells with weight loss. You do not grow more fat cells, so the only way a double chin could return is if existing fat cells in the area expand.

Not necessarily. Clinical studies have shown that some patients treated with Kybella did gain weight but did not experience a return of their double chin.

In many cases, Kybella can be a wonderful solution to submental fullness. Before treatment, we discuss what treatment can do, and what it cannot. A thorough assessment of your skin will determine if Kybella will achieve your desired result. When there is a great deal of fat and sagginess beneath the chin, liposuction or skin removal surgery may be the most appropriate solution.

Researchers have studied deoxycholic acid, the primary ingredient in Kybella, for eight years before FDA-approval was obtained. Over 1,000 people participated in clinical trials, and no safety issues or severe side effects occurred.