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Laser for Spider Vein Removal in Bend OR

Laser for Spider Vein Removal from Esthetix MD Spa & Laser Center in Bend OR

Have you looked in the mirror and noticed small red or blue lines on your face? Do you hide your legs in the summer due to unsightly veins? No matter how well you have taken care of your skin, spider veins may appear on your legs and face. You no longer have to grin and bear it by living with visible veins. Located in Bend, OR, EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center offers laser procedures for spider vein removal.

Not all visible blood vessels are spider veins.

Spider veins should not be confused with varicose veins. Varicose veins are often bulging blood vessels that may be painful. They may appear darker in color, generally dark purple or blue. Spider veins are dilated or stretched blood vessels. They are thinner and are not raised. Spider veins may be found on the legs or face. Unfortunately, spider veins are progressive and usually increase in number and visibility over time. Laser procedures are commonly used to treat these blood vessels, so they are no longer visible on the skin.

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Key points about laser treatment

Laser Spider Vein RemovalSpider veins can be safely treated with laser procedures. Laser technology uses precisely controlled and targeted energy to treat and close the veins. The surrounding tissue is left unharmed. Points to remember about laser spider vein treatment include:

  • Small to medium blood vessels can be treated.
  • For facial veins, the eyes are covered to protect them from the laser.
  • As the laser passes over the skin, the blood absorbs the energy. As the vessels are heated, they are destroyed. Over a period of a few weeks, the vessels are absorbed by the body, disappearing from sight.
  • If side effects occur, they may include redness, bruising, or blistering in the treatment area. These will subside as the skin heals.
  • Although downtime is not necessary following treatment, as with any laser procedure, the skin needs to be protected from sun exposure.

If you have noticed the appearance of small to medium blood vessels on your face or legs, please contact EsthetixMD for a consultation with one of our doctors! (541) 303-9155 Back to Spider Vein Removal Page

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