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Essential support for men’s health in Bend, OR

A healthy man gives his body the resources it needs for physical strength, From mental stress to physical activity, the demands of our modern life take a toll on men’s health. Good nutritional support is essential to replenish the body and mind. At EsthetixMD in Bend OR, we help our patients develop healthy habits and lifestyles, which often include supplements such as the premier line of men’s health products by Designs for Health.

Optimizing your health

A healthy man gives his body the resources it needs for physical strength, sexual and mental energy, and overall wellness. While a healthy diet is vital, it is most effective when supported by high quality supplements. The Designs for Health line of products is formulated to support:
  • Hormone balance and optimal testosterone levels
  • Nutritional support for prostate health
  • Reproductive health, erectile functionality, and strong libido
  • General wellness and abundant energy

Hormone balancing formulas

  • DIM-Evail is designed to minimize the amount of testosterone that converts to estrogen.
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) aids in stress responses, mental energy, and hormonal synthesis.
  • Protect and Prostate Supreme are formulated to promote optimal prostate health.
  • Calcium-D-Glucarate may help the body process and eliminate environmental toxins and estrogenic hormones.

Reproductive health and vitality formulas

  • LibidoStim-M includes herbs to help maintain healthy levels of testosterone, and avoid one of the most common male health issues known as “Low T.”
  • NOx Synergy is designed to support healthy muscles, cardiovascular function, and the circulatory system. It may also help support healthy erectile function.
  • DopaBoost is formulated to boost the natural production of dopamine, which is vital for nervous system functionality, sexual function, and libido.

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