If you have tired, sagging skin, then a facelift could do wonders for your face, revitalizing your skin and bringing back a fresh, youthful appearance. Traditionally, cosmetic surgery was the only option to get dramatic face lifting results, but with modern cosmetic advances, you can achieve similar results with a minimally invasive PDO Thread Lift! This non-surgical facelift is offered at EsthetixMD in Bend, OR.

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

Thread lifts have been around for many years, but the original treatments involved surgery and had negative side effects like thread breakage and infections. Nowadays, you can achieve the effects of a thread lift in a minimally invasive procedure called the PDO Thread Lift. The “PDO” refers to polydioxanone, a synthetic material that is used to make sutures or threads that are absorbed by your body.

In a PDO Thread Lift, threads made from the PDO material are placed deep into your skin, where they produce three main effects:

  • Instant facelift due to the threads pulling the skin towards the top of your head
  • Skin tightening through the contraction of your fat tissues
  • Cellular renewal by the stimulation of natural collagen production and the formation of new blood vessels

About six months after the thread lift treatment, the PDO threads begin to be absorbed by your body through a process called hydrolysis. Even after the threads have dissolved, due to the changes that the PDO Thread Lift makes in your skin at a cellular level, you will continue to see results from the procedure for many months afterwards!

Is it safe?

The PDO Thread Lift is a safe treatment. The PDO sutures are FDA-approved and are even used in open-heart surgeries.

What are the benefits?

A PDO Thread Lift can produce remarkable results in a short amount of time. It produces:

  • Skin tightening
  • Facial contouring
  • Skin lifting
  • Facial slimming

The PDO Thread Lift is a powerful corrective treatment for many different reasons. During the PDO absorption process, your skin naturally produces new firming collagen around the location in your face that the threads were inserted. The threads are designed with special grips that allow for instant non-surgical skin repositioning, which allows for fine-tuning and adjustments. Even better, the procedure is quick! It can be completed over lunch, and you’ll notice increasingly better results as the treatment site heals.

PDO Thread Lift reviews by plastic surgeons indicate that it is a great FDA-approved choice for people seeking a less costly, minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift.

Where can the PDO Thread Lift be used?

The PDO Thread Lift was initially designed to contour and correct laxity or sagging in the lower third of the face, but PDO threads can also be used under the eyes to reduce wrinkles and restore the under-eye volume that is naturally lost as we age. The PDO Thread Lift is an effective alternative to other minimally-invasive techniques such as dermal fillers that contour and provide volume to the face. It can provide rejuvenation to:

  • The cheeks (both upper and lower)
  • Forehead/eyebrow area (brow lift)
  • Jawline and neck
  • The lines from your nose to mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • The corners of the mouth (marionette lines)

It can even be used to lift areas on your body, such as your arms, abdomen, and buttocks.

What should I expect during the procedure?

To prepare your skin for the PDO Thread Lift, a skin care professional will inject a local anesthetic into the area that will be treated. Hypodermic needles that are preloaded with the PDO threads are then used to insert them into the targeted treatment areas. As the needle is pulled away, the threads are left behind in your skin.

What is recovery like?

PDO Thread Lift recovery is quick and easy compared to surgeries that require weeks of downtime and healing. After the minimally invasive procedure is complete, recovery time is almost zero! In fact, many people can go back to their daily activities almost immediately. You may feel similar to the way you feel after dental numbing injections for a few hours after the treatment. Side effects after the procedure are minimal and can include mild pain, bruising, numbness, or swelling for a few days after the treatment.

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