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Vanquish Me Core And Flex With New Arm And Thigh Attachment

Fat Freezing Treatment in Bend OR Area

At EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center, our providers believe in offering advanced treatment options to help patients achieve better body contours. Our well-equipped practice includes:

Vanquish ME Core with the new Flex arm and thigh attachment.

Vanquish traditional

The basic Vanquish device uses panels to deliver heat energy for non-invasive body contouring of the abdominal area. This device has been extremely successful for patients interested in targeting specific areas of fat without liposuction. We now offer large and smaller adjustable panels, known as Vanquish ME Flex, that are used for contouring the thighs and arms.

Vanquish ME Core and Flex

Vanquish ME Core and Flex works in the same way as the traditional Vanquish, but is a higher power machine with more robust results, in addition to the large Core panel we now offer a smaller Flex panel specifically designed for thigh and arm areas. It delivers deep tissue heating that permanently reduces fat cells through a process called apoptosis. Fat cells are then filtered by the lymphatic system, metabolized, and naturally flushed from the body. Patients do not need to make any lifestyle changes to see results over the six-week progression, but are encouraged to stay hydrated for efficient fat removal.

Vanquish ME is completely noninvasive and patients find treatment sessions to be comfortable. There is no pain involved; just a sensation of warmth on thighs and arms. Aftereffects include redness, swelling, and some tenderness, but it resolves quickly.

We often do a "Fire and Ice" treatment, which combines Vanquish with CoolSculpting to get the best results.

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At EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center we realize everybody is not the same and cannot be treated the same way. We are excited to offer combination treatments that are customized to give you the very best results for permanent fat reduction and skin tightening. If you live the Bend, Oregon area and are interested in finding out more about Vanquish ME Core and Flex for contouring, now is a great time to connect with our award-winning team of EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center.

Call us today at 541-508-7907 or stop by our facility at 115 SW Allen Road and book a personalized consultation. We encourage patients to find out more about ways of improving the skin and body, with our team of professionals.

Makeup Like A Pro

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Most women have a drawer full of expensive, hardly used makeup. We are “wowed” by a beautiful ad in a magazine, a television commercial, or a too-good-to-be-true internet offer. Results aren’t even close to the promise, so it gets tossed into the drawer and we try again.

When makeup doesn’t work out, the problem is usually one part product, and one part application.

The secret to breaking that cycle and loving your look, is the right combination of makeup (healthy for your skin and meant for your skin type), paired with expert skin and application advice. EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center provides both! We offer professional-quality natural cosmetics, like Jane Iredale and now including bareMinerals, that improve the condition of your skin. Schedule a session with one of our trained Estheticians, for a lesson in true makeup artistry. First, we help you define the look you want, from girl-next-door natural, to red carpet dramatic. Then you get tips on how to create that look efficiently, with healthy cosmetics.

Imagine, looking your best every day and emptying that cluttered drawer in your bathroom vanity.

Call 541-508-7907 for a professional makeup consultation.


"Rebecca Covey and her staff are INCREDIBLE professionals! Thank you so much for giving me back my GLOW!!!"

- Tracee T.

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Our patients voted EsthetixMD as the best Medspa in Central Oregon for five of the past six years. That tells us that our commitment to quality patient care and incredible results makes a difference. Experience that difference for yourself. Schedule a consultation at EsthetixMD today.

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