EsthetixMD carries this Swedish product as an excellent treatment to restore the fullness, contour, and smoothness of your facial appearance. A safe, gentle dermal-filler made from the body’s own material (hyaluronic acid), Restylane provides an instant, natural beauty lift without surgery.

Along with collagen, hyaluronic acid plays an important role in keeping skin looking good. HA helps to bind water, keeping skin full and preventing dryness and wrinkling. As we age, we lose collagen and hyaluronic acid. Our skin holds less moisture so skin folds, lines, and wrinkles form readily. Add in lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, sun-bathing, and nutritional habits, and the result is tired, lax skin with a weakened support structure. Restylane reinforces your skin’s HA, for more volume in problem wrinkle areas.

Restylane is used in over 60 countries as an effective solution, especially for filling nasolabial folds, adding fullness to lips and correcting lip wrinkles.

There is no pre-testing to delay treatment. You’ll see immediate results with Restylane – and your new look will be long-lasting.