We see kissable, well-defined lips in your future: Your guide to Restylane® Kysse treatment in Bend, OR

Your smile is a pivotal part of your face. So, the texture, volume, and shape of your lips (not to mention the lip area’s appearance) is unmistakable. Unfortunately, the effects of the aging process and environmental exposures can deflate an enviable pout and give rise to lines above the lips. These perioral wrinkles can detract from your many stunning features. Fortunately, EsthetixMD in Bend, OR can restore a pucker that you’ll be proud to flaunt and that looks natural. No dreaded “duck lips” here!

Don’t pout … Restylane® Kysse to the rescue!

Like other leading dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm®, Jevederm Volbella®, Restylane®. This natural “water-loving” molecule provides youthful moisture, volume, and elasticity to the skin. Our bodies typically produce less HA as we get older. HA-based fillers restore the supply of this beneficial substance.

The process

Suppose you are an appropriate candidate for Restylane® Kysse. In that case, our skilled Injectors use thin needles to administer the right amount of the filler gel precisely in the right areas to get the level of improvement and type of correction you desire. Once injected into the treatment sites, the filler plumps up poorly defined, deflated lips. The plumping action also has a soothing effect; Restylane® Kysse minimizes perioral lines around the upper lip. Following treatment, the treated areas are gently massaged to aid in evenly distributing the filler product.

The glowing reviews are in!

Patients appreciate that Restylane® Kysse is formulated with an anesthetic. So, the injection itself does not produce discomfort. HA fillers are generally associated with minimal risks of adverse effects or reactions because it is a biocompatible substance (produced by your body naturally).

Fillers like Kysse produce instant results; however, these lip treatment results are long-lasting, unlike many other products. With other products, improvement may last for around six months before maintenance injections are needed. With FDA-approved Restylane® Kysse, the specially formulated HA supports results that last for up to a year before touch-ups are necessary. Patients also appreciate that the results look like their lips – only better!

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An FDA-approved dermal filler, Restylane® Kysse, is designed to provide long-lasting improvement in the volume of the lips and the appearance of the perioral wrinkles above the upper lip, indicated for patients aged 21 and older.

When injected into the lips and the wrinkles above the lips, the Restylane® Kysse gel augments and defines while softening the appearance of “smoker’s lines.”

To attain FDA approval, the administration evaluated data derived from multi-center, controlled clinical studies. These studies supported the product’s safety and effectiveness. That being said, following an evaluation and consultation with you, your injector may determine that another type of product or treatment is best for you.

Restylane® Kysse was approved for lip augmentation and the treatment of lip lines in March 2020.

No. Restylane® Kysse is formulated with lidocaine for enhanced comfort. Tell your provider if you have known allergies to the anesthetic. So, we can consider the best options for you.

Side effects are generally limited to the treatment sites and are temporary. They are also not unlike side effects associated with other fillers and other cosmetic, nonsurgical treatments, including bruises, red discoloration, discomfort, swollen tissues, itching, surface irregularities (lumpy, bumpy areas).

The makers of the Restylane® family of fillers, Galderma Laboratories, report that 96% of patients retained increased volume and fullness eight weeks post-treatment, while 94% had sustained smoother, more kissable lips.

Fillers are generally a quick cosmetic treatment. It only takes minutes to inject the gel into your lips and any folds you wish to soften. So, you can be really on your way to prettier pout over your lunch break.

Results from fillers are instant; however, it may take a few weeks for the product to settle effectively. Plus, once swelling that may be present has resolved, then you can fully see the stunning results!

None. Patients appreciate that they can get back to their day, work, and social activities, immediately following treatment.

We may recommend that you avoid strenuous physical activity, excessive sun exposure and heat, and alcohol for a couple of days post-treatment. These steps support healing: bruises and swelling subside faster!

Restylane® Kysse is specially formulated or “crosslinked” to last longer in the body than other hyaluronic acid-based fillers. HA fillers commonly last up to around six months; however, this product can last for up to one year.

No! The technology used to formulate this gel supports precision application and natural-looking results. Galderma reports that 96% of study subjects said their lips looked “natural.” It also has an exceptional 95% “worth it” rating on RealSelf.

Restylane® Kysse was successfully and safely tested on subjects representing various ethnic groups and skin tones, from pale to dark. While a change in skin tone was not noted among those darker-skinned patients, Galderma still states that there may be a risk of darkening or hyperpigmentation to the treated area. This potential risk is generally temporary but can take several weeks to fade fully.

There are numerous dermal fillers available to augment facial features. There are also multiple types of aesthetic treatments to improve lines and folds, including lasers and neuromodulators like Botox®.

Restylane® Kysse may not be appropriate for patients with a history of severe allergic reactions (such as anaphylaxis). Including those with known allergies to bacterial proteins (gram-positive).

As with other types of Restylane® products or fillers, Kysse is sold by the area or by the syringe. So, treatment cost depends, partly, on how much of the gel (how many syringes) are used. We are transparent about fees and are happy to discuss any concerns that may stand in the way of boosting your pucker and your confidence.

While long-lasting, Restylane® Kysse is a temporary treatment. You will need to “touch-up” to preserve your lips and perioral region’s volume and texture. It’s also crucial to take care of your lips like you might take care of the rest of your face. Protect your pout with products, such as SPF formulated for the lip region.