Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags (acrochordon) are usually painless but can be unsightly. They form primarily in creases at the neck, eyelid, armpit and groin, and can become irritated by clothing and jewelry. Depending on the size of the tags, they can be treated quickly with electrocautery, with the treated tags falling off and healing in seven to ten days.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Removal

Sebaceous hyperplasia are yellowish, donut-shaped lesions usually with a depression in the center. They tend to appear on the forehead and cheeks and increase in number as we age. Electrocautery is an effective treatment for this condition with quick healing time.


Most patients find the removal process tolerable; nothing more than a slight “zap” and heat.

Skin tags have characteristics that make diagnosis a straightforward process. Your esthetician or physician will evaluate growths and suggest biopsy if abnormal characteristics exist.

It may seem easy to snip an unsightly tag with scissors. However, this would be both painful and potentially risky. A skin tag may bleed excessively, and slow healing presents the risk of infection.

Our team is happy to speak with you about the appropriate home care to keep your skin as clean and nourished as possible. Some people visit every few months to have sebaceous hyperplasia removed. Additional care may include high quality skin care and chemical peels or other exfoliating treatment.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is an overgrowth within oil glands. This is different from clogged pores and the presence of bacteria. Due to the nature of this condition, acne products will not resolve the problem.