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Introducing Advanced Pico Laser Treatments: Removing Tattoos

remove unwanted tattoos

Do you want to remove unwanted tattoos? Laser treatments available at EsthetixMD, can “do it all” by removing your body art. Read further as we shed light on versatile Pico laser treatment for Tattoo Removal in Bend.

The Best Way To Say Goodbye To Unwanted Tattoos

precisely and safely

Pico’s unique photomechanical effect is exceptional at removing even highly pigmented inks deep in the skin, precisely and safely.

The number of Tattoo Removal sessions that are required to clear your body art depends on several factors, such as the size and age of the tattoo, as well as the quality and color of the inks. Since the short pulses shatter the ink, the pigment is naturally removed by your body’s immune system. Generally, black and gray inks are easiest to treat. Blue, green, and purple can be more challenging. Additionally, colorful inks are harder to remove on darker skin (due to the risk of hypopigmentation). We also use the PFD patch to protect the skin. So, we can do multiple passes and shatter more ink in a single session.

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Before And After Care

Our Bend Pico Tattoo Removal treatments generally take around 15 to 20 minutes. For optimal treatment outcomes, without the risk, we recommend:

  • Avoidance of sun exposure and tanning for two to four weeks prior to treatment
  • Skin in the treatment area to be clean; free of makeup, sunscreen, and lotion
  • Discontinue use of photosensitizing medications for at least six months prior to treatment

Skin may be pink for one or two days after treatment. When the ink is gone, it’s gone for good. Due to Pico’s unique properties, the risks associated with earlier-generation tattoo removal are minimized; for instance, it is an appropriate option for skin types that are vulnerable to hypopigmentation following treatment with older lasers. The technology of Pico Laser Tattoo Removal is so effective at breaking apart inks, that average-sized tattoos may be treated in minutes, more quickly and with fewer treatment sessions than ever before.

Not keen on your tattoos anymore? Hyperpigmentation ruining your skin? Try the Pico laser for clear, smooth skin.

Video Transcript

Hi there, Nicholas here with EsthetixMD and I just want to talk to you today about a Pico laser. So, we just purchased um our first Pico laser and Pico lasers are lasers that use photo acoustics which are sound waves they’re essentially made out of light and these Pico lasers they shatter their target and so when we’re treating things like tattoos, it shatters that tattooing. Previous to Pico lasers we use something called a q-switch laser, which fires in a nanosecond which is one billionth of a second and it shatters that tattoo ink up into like gravel-sized pieces which then your body digests the lymphatic system, whereas a Pico laser which fires in one trillionth of a second, it shatters that ink up into sand like pieces and so it’s easier for your body to digest those ink fragments in turn giving you a more effective result. Pico lasers are also FDA indicated to treat melasma just like tattoo ink it shatters that hyperpigmentation, the sunspot sun damage that sort of thing to help reduce hyperpigmentation, and it’s also indicated for overall skin rejuvenation. So we are really excited as EsthetixMD to have a Pico laser here and to be offering that next generation of tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation reduction such as melasma and that sort of thing. Well, thank you very much have a great day.

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Why Choose Us?

We have considerable expertise in advanced laser and hybrid therapies, including over five years of experience in offering tattoo removal in Bend at EsthetixMD.

We now offer both nano and picosecond laser options to effectively and predictably treat a variety of tattoos, skin types, and a wide range of conditions. Rated as “best place for medical cosmetic enhancement” five times in central Oregon, our clinic is overseen by a doctor or nurse practitioner at all times. Our Certified Advanced Estheticians are also highly trained in tattoo removal. So, the health and beauty of your skin is in exceptional hands. Every aspect of the treatment process is tailored to you. We look forward to introducing you to our new Pico laser. Call EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center at 541-303-9155 to schedule your consultation.

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“Love working with Nicholas! He introduced the PFD patch for laser tattoo removal which allows for multiple laser passes instead of only one pass. It’s incredible how much the new patch will speed up removing my tattoos!”

— Delaney O.

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