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Benefits of bikini waxing hair removal

Benefits of bikini waxing hair removal

Modern women are fortunate to have a number of long-lasting hair removal techniques at their disposal. That’s good, since some female areas are especially delicate and easily irritated by daily shaving. Professional waxing is an excellent choice for hair removal in the bikini zone. Let’s take a look at why.

Do it for you

For many women, waxing is something of a luxurious indulgence. The team at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center in Bend, OR makes it a relaxing spa experience, with clinical care in a discreet environment. You deserve the immediate satisfaction of smooth results, and the grooming time you will save in coming months. A bikini wax is a fun treat during the summer swimwear season, but we recommend year-round waxing to keep skin soft and sleek 24/7/365.

Advantages of waxing

  • Healthy skin – Waxing efficiently removes hair at the follicle level. It is also an excellent exfoliation treatment, removing dead cells at the surface of skin. That contributes to extraordinarily silky skin with even tone, whether you go natural or spray-tanned. What a contrast to razor bumps!
  • Long-lasting results – Most women shave the bikini area daily. That cuts hair at its thickest point, in a few hours leaving harsh stubble that snags on fragile lingerie. Waxing delivers four to eight weeks of downy skin.
  • More comfortable regrowth – As hair does begin to return, it is new growth – soft and fine.
  • Minimal side effects – In the hands of a qualified and experienced clinician, waxing is very safe. There is less risk of skin irritation than with shaving, epilation devices, or harsh hair removal creams.

Understanding your options

Not sure if a bikini wax is right for you? Call (541) 303-9155 to schedule a consultation at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center. We will be happy to explain the waxing procedure, and also the option of permanent laser hair reduction.

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