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Protege Intima

Protege Intima Historically, women unhappy with the appearance of the vaginal area had no options for repair other than invasive surgery. Today, the staff at EsthetixMD is helping women from the Bend area obtain greater comfort and satisfaction using the Protégé Intima.

What is Protégé Intima?

This non-surgical, non-invasive device has been developed as a method of labia remodeling using focused high-frequency energy.

How does it work?

The FDA-approved system excites the subcutaneous structures and fibroblasts beneath the skin’s surface using radiofrequency. Surface temperatures reach just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the device has a built in cooling mechanism to maintain comfort. This precision heating and stimulation of cells leads to collagen rebuilding, which tightens the skin.

Are there additional benefits?

In addition to reshaping the labia, Protégé Intima treatments have been said to improve sexual satisfaction in many patients. This is because blood flow to the labia and surrounding nerve endings increases with treatment, heightening sensitivity.

How many treatments are needed?

To achieve optimal results, at least 4 sessions are suggested. Each treatment lasts only about 12 minutes. We schedule appointments approximately ten days apart. During your first visit, we will discuss a recommended treatment plan based on your structural concerns and desired outcome.

Does Protégé Intima treatment hurt?

The radiofrequency device heats tissues beneath the skin, creating a warming sensation. However, this should not be painful in the least. No post-treatment discomfort should be expected either. Patients are able to get right back to their normal activities following treatment.

Am I a good candidate for treatment?

Many women experience a change in the appearance of their labia. This can cause a great deal of dissatisfaction, self-consciousness, and discomfort. Some of the concerns that can be improved with Protégé Intima include:
  • Labia minora (inner lips) hypertrophy,
  • Enlargement of the Labia majora, or outer lips
  • Labia deflation or laxity
  • Perineal loosening, caused by surgery or episiotomy.

You can regain greater comfort and confidence with Protégé Intima treatments at EsthetixMD in Bend. Learn more when you visit us for a consultation.


Does menstruation affect the scheduling of my treatments?
Yes. It is not recommended that treatment be conducted during menstruation.
Will a future pregnancy affect the results of treatment?
It is possible that pregnancy and childbirth will cause the labia to grow or lengthen. This is due to both biochemical and physical changes.
Should I postpone treatment until I am finished having children?
Although the physical appearance of your labia may change with pregnancy and childbirth, this is not a given. If the appearance or sensations of enlarged labia are causing you frustration and discomfort, you can obtain treatment at any time.
Does non-surgical labia remodeling really improve sexual satisfaction?
According to research, women treated with Protégé Intima report feeling at least some degree of improvement. 40 percent report improvement to be significant. No women in the study reported feeling no improvement.
Are results noticeable right away?
Some women experience improvement after their first treatment. However, the final result from treatment may be best noticed at three to six months.
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