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BTL Emsella: Nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment for UI in Bend, OR

27 Feb

The sudden urge to go or unexpected leaks can curtail activities you enjoy. Start having an active life again, instead of an overactive bladder, with BTL Emsella treatment at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center in Bend, OR. This effective technique is noninvasive and has none of the risks or recovery time associated with urological surgery.

Understanding incontinence

It is a common myth that as women get older their bladders become weak, causing urine leakage from a sneeze, laugh, or physical exertion – or a persistent urge to use the toilet.

Here are some of the important facts about female UI:

  • Stress urinary incontinence is the most common type.
  • It affects the lives of about 15 million women in this country.
  • A network of muscles supports the bladder and other pelvic organs.
  • When these muscles become lax, they allow the bladder to drop down, out of proper position. This impairs the ability of the urethra to control the flow of urine.
  • UI can occur at any adult age.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are contributing factors, as pelvic floor muscles may not “bounce back” readily.
  • Menopause can decrease muscle mass and tone in the pelvic area.
  • There may be other medical reasons for UI, such as overactive bladder muscles or nerve damage. It is important to have the condition accurately diagnosed by an experienced physician before pursuing treatment.

Because of the sensitive nature of this problem, many women suffer with it for a long time before seeking a doctor’s assistance. In the past, treatment often came in the form of bladder sling surgery. A plastic mesh implant was placed into the body (through an incision or trans-vaginally) to lift and anchor the bladder. Problems can arise when the product shifts from its intended position, causing pain, bleeding, infection, and further urinary problems.

BTL Emsella treatment addresses the underlying cause of UI without surgery or implantation, strengthening the body’s natural support structures for improved bladder control.

What to expect from BTL Emsella treatment in Bend, OR

Lady suffering from Emsella

At EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center, our pelvic floor suite is overseen by our Board-certified female physician, Dr. Marlene Covey, MD. She applies more than 30 years of experience in gynecological care to determine if FDA-cleared Emsella is right for your mild to moderate stress incontinence or overactive bladder. Since this technique is drug-free and non-invasive, most women are candidates.

There is nothing special you need to do on the day of your appointment. Arrive in normal attire – you do not disrobe. Simply sit in the comfortable Emsella treatment chair. The device dispenses non-ionizing, non-radiating electromagnetic energy into pelvic floor muscles, inducing thousands of supramaximal contractions. The concept is similar to strengthening pelvic floor muscles with exercise, except without discomfort. Emsella far surpasses the number and intensity of contractions possible with Kegels.

An Emsella treatment, begins with a discreet, relaxed consultation. A session takes only 30 minutes, with no downtime – you can return to work, go to the gym, shop, or relax afterward. Usually, two sessions per week for three weeks are recommended. Some women see improvement after the first session, and for others, improvement continues several weeks after the treatment plan is complete.

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Emsella FAQs

Q : Is Emsella only for women?

A : No! Emsella has received FDA approval for treatment of urinary incontinence in men, too.

Q : Is Emsella safe for everyone?

A : You must be cleared for MRI in order to have Emsella treatment.

Q : Can Emsella be scheduled anytime?

A : Treatment for women is not recommended during the menstrual cycle.

Q : What should be worn for treatment?

A : You remain fully clothed, but thin fabrics (such as yoga pants) are recommended. Avoid any clothing containing aluminum threads.

Q : What is HIFEM technology?

A : High-intensity focused electromagnetic technology introduces electrical currents that pass non-invasively through pelvic tissues. However, the currents depolarize neurons triggering contractions that lift pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control.

Q : How effective is Emsella?

A : In a recent study detailed at click here, 30 women with incontinence received six Emsella treatments, scheduled twice per week. Ninety-five percent reported quality of life improvement (as assessed through the King’s Health Questionnaire). At three- and six-month follow-ups, these results persisted. Sixty-seven percent reduced or eliminated daily use of hygienic pads for urinary incontinence. The entire group reported improved awareness of pelvic floor muscles.

Is surgery your only option for treatment of a leaky bladder? Call 541-508-7907 to learn more about Emsella.

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