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Rhinoplasty Redefined


At our office in Bend Liquid rhinoplasty offers a great blend of terrific results, affordability, minimal recovery, and overall convenience. Patients interested in improving the shape of their nose but may be nervous about surgery can “try out” their new looks through liquid rhinoplasty. EsthetixMD’s highly skilled and experienced staff are board-certified and dedicated to giving you the most advanced treatment options, personalized care, and exceptional results.

What Is Liquid Rhinoplasty?


This new rhinoplasty method allows for significant improvement of nasal contours with no downtime, decreased risk, and lower cost. Despite the invasiveness and recovery associated with surgical rhinoplasty, it is consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.

Liquid rhinoplasty is an attractive alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, particularly to correct minor imperfections such as asymmetry, a drooping nasal tip, or a pronounced dorsal hump. As your specialist gradually injects small amounts of volume to specific areas of the nose, you can achieve improved contours, a more desirable profile, and a balanced appearance in the face.

Benefits Of Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty offers a wide range of benefits to patients who would like to breathe easier and look better. In addition to the convenience, minimal invasiveness, and reduced risk it offers compared to surgical rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty also provides instant results.

Treatment is virtually pain-free and requires no downtime! Liquid rhinoplasty in Bend at EsthetixMD is an effective treatment option for patients who would like to smooth bumps, correct asymmetry, enhance or lift the tip of the nose, or add volume to specific areas of the nose

Although liquid rhinoplasty works by increasing volume in the nose, your highly skilled specialist can manipulate the procedure to create the appearance of a smaller nose. An increase in the height of the nasal bridge is a popular method used to produce a sleeker profile contour.

What To Expect During Your Bend Liquid Rhinoplasty


When you arrive for your treatment, a member of our staff will invite you into our treatment area. A topical anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area to reduce any discomfort during injections.

The number and placement of injections depend on your unique needs and goals. Some patients experience pinching or pressure during injections, though most describe the treatment as comfortable, easy, or even painless. Liquid rhinoplasty injections may take 15 to 45 minutes. Once injections are complete, you will be able to leave and immediately return to your regular daily activity! Liquid rhinoplasty is so convenient that EsthetixMD can even perform the procedure during your lunch break!

Your Liquid Rhinoplasty Recovery

With liquid rhinoplasty Bend patients experience extremely minimal recovery time. Immediately following treatment, you may notice swelling, redness, or discomfort at injection sites. Within just a couple of hours, the filler will begin to settle, and you will be able to enjoy your results!

Your Liquid Rhinoplasty Results

While improvement in treated areas will be noticeable immediately, full results take one to two weeks to appear. At this point, any lingering redness or swelling will have subsided. Results last approximately six months. You can maintain your results with proper care and regular follow-up treatments.

Am I A Good Candidate For Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is an ideal treatment option for generally healthy patients who would like to improve the contours of their nose without the risk, downtime, cost, or invasiveness of surgery. While liquid rhinoplasty is effective at treating the exterior of the nose, it cannot correct interior nasal deformities. Surgery is the only solution to issues such as a deviated septum.

Schedule Your EsthetixMD Liquid Rhinoplasty Consultation Today


Liquid rhinoplasty delivers beautiful results efficiently and effectively, allowing you to achieve a look you love in under an hour! EsthetixMD is Bend’s leading med spa. We are committed to providing you with exceptional care and stunning, natural-looking results. If you would like to learn more about what you can achieve with liquid rhinoplasty at EsthetixMD, please contact our office during regular business to schedule your consultation with one of our highly skilled and board-certified staff.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can liquid rhinoplasty be used to correct deformities following surgical rhinoplasty?

    Yes! Liquid rhinoplasty can smooth bumps or correct imperfections following surgical rhinoplasty. Some patients interested in surgical rhinoplasty may also consider liquid rhinoplasty to “test drive” their desired results.

  • What risks and side effects are related to liquid rhinoplasty?

    The most common side effects associated with liquid rhinoplasty are redness and tenderness in the treatment area. Patients may also experience swelling, bruising, nausea, or filler migration. Severe complications like vision loss, tissue death, or vascular issues are also possible. However, they generally happen when unlicensed providers perform the procedure instead of the trained aesthetic specialists at EsthetixMD.

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“I have been going to EsthetixMD for a while now, and I have NEVER had an experience less than stellar. From the moment you walk in until the second you walk out, you are treated like royalty. There is a genuine passion and commitment to excellence that translates to each customer. It’s not a service they are selling but a true investment in your well-being. You can’t go wrong in choosing EsthetixMD for all your skincare needs.”

— Andrea L

“I initially visited EsthetixMD because of their reviews and saw Nicholas for that reason. I definitely made the right choice! All of the staff is very friendly and professional, and Nicholas is the best! I completely trust his advice and feel at ease when I’m getting my treatments done. He is very personable, honest, and passionate about skincare. I have found my go-to esthetician!”

— Amela
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