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Wellness Consultation

The path to self-improvement and ultimate wellness can be a challenging and confusing one.How can we help you achieve your health goals? From stress management to weight loss programs, we know that living well is not a simple endeavor. However, it gets much easier when you have the support of trained health professionals. If you are feeling a bit lost on your journey to total wellness, visit our Bend, OR office for a customized consultation.

What is health and wellness coaching?

If you have a disease, you might schedule a doctor’s appointment. However, wellness is much more than the absence of disease. Don’t you deserve to benefit from professional advice and guidance in your endeavors to eat right, exercise more, lose weight, de-stress, and boost your energy? We think so, and we would love to help you discover your best self.

The benefits of a wellness consultation

  • This is the first step in your journey to wellness
  • Discuss your individual concerns, from cosmetic signs of aging to reduced energy
  • Get recommendations of supplements, treatments, dietary changes, and other ways to feel your best
  • Enjoy continued support and guidance, so that you can not only achieve your goals but also maintain the improvement
  • Learn how to manage stress better, lose weight and keep it off, detox your body, and much more

Are you ready to meet your best self?

The path to self-improvement and ultimate wellness can be a challenging and confusing one. We are here to guide you along the way. Give us a call today at (541) 303-9155 and schedule your personalized EsthetixMD wellness consultation.

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