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Radiesse popularity – it’s been used worldwide in over 150,000 procedures – is well-founded as a painless aesthetic filler that provides instant results. This FDA-approved alternative is a safe, effective correction for “smile lines” (nasolabial folds). EsthetixMD clinicians also recommend it for augmenting other areas of the face and correcting facial depressions and defects. With Radiesse Bend patients get treatments that stimulate their body’s collagen growth, boosting its long-lasting results.

Is Radiesse Suitable For The Hands?

Radiesse is actually the only filler to gain FDA approval for the correction of volume loss in the hands. This product rejuvenates the appearance of the hands for up to one year. Results are immediate!

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse in Bend, OR is an injectable dermal filler that delivers instant volume and long-lasting results to target areas. It is most commonly used to treat moderate to severe lines and folds in the face, especially the deep folds that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The experienced professionals at EsthetixMD also favor Radiesse to restore lost volume in the backs of the hands and produce a more youthful appearance. Treatment is fast and convenient, and results are lasting and natural-looking.

Radiesse Benefits

Radiesse is an appealing treatment option for a wide range of reasons.

Suppose you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective, non-surgical solution to concerns such as lines, wrinkles, folds, acne scars, or loss of volume in the face or hands. At our office in Bend Radiesse can be counted on to deliver natural-looking volume in just a few minutes. Radiesse also provides a non-surgical alternative to facial implants.

The board-certified staff at EsthetixMD provide Bend Radiesse patients with expert application to enhance volume in the cheeks, sculpt the chin and jawline, and correct asymmetry and imperfections in the nose. Radiesse is hypoallergenic and does not require allergy testing before treatment. Injections typically take less than 15 minutes, and there is no downtime associated with Radiesse. You can expect your Radiesse to last as long as two years!

What to Expect During Your Radiesse Treatment


Radiesse injections at EsthetixMD are quick and pain-free. When you arrive for your Radiesse appointment, the clinician will thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a topical anesthetic.

Your doctor will determine the appropriate number of Radiesse injections based on your specific needs. You may experience slight pressure or pinching upon injection, but discomfort is generally minimal. Injections take about 15 minutes, and you will be free to return to your regular daily activity immediately after your treatment! Radiesse treatment is so quick and easy that many patients schedule their procedure during their lunch break and return to work right away!

Your Radiesse Recovery

Recovery following Radiesse injections is extremely minimal. There is no downtime, though you should avoid strenuous activity, sunlight, and heat for 24 hours to ensure the best results. You may experience some mild swelling, bruising, or discomfort in the treatment area following Radiesse, though these conditions will resolve within a week of treatment. You can treat any discomfort or swelling with over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses as needed.

Your Radiesse Results

You will be able to notice an immediate difference in volume and the appearance of lines and folds in treatment areas, though full results will take about one week to develop fully. Your Radiesse results can be expected to last 18 months up to two years. You can maintain your results with regular maintenance injections and proper skincare.

Radiesse As A Bio-Stimulator

In addition to its role as a volumizer, Radiesse can be hyper-diluted using saline and lidocaine and injected as a bio-stimulator to increase collagen and elastin production within the skin.

With this alternative application, Radiesse tightens, smooths, and restores moisture to skin. Hyper-diluted Radiesse injections can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. This skin-rejuvenating treatment delivers noticeable results within four weeks of treatment, and most patients receive one to three sessions spaced one month apart to achieve optimal results. After initial treatment, results can be maintained with one maintenance session every 12 to 18 months.

Am I a Good Candidate for Radiesse Injections?

Radiesse is an ideal treatment option for healthy adults who would like to achieve a more youthful appearance in their face or hands without the cost or recovery time of surgical treatment. Most of our Bend Radiesse patients are 35 to 60 and have moderate to severe lines or folds in the forehead or around the nose or mouth.

Schedule Your Radiesse Consultation with EsthetixMD


Radiesse can give you gorgeous, natural-looking, lasting results in just a few minutes! The highly skilled and all-board-certified staff at EsthetixMD look forward to providing you with exceptional patient care and results that you’ll love! Please contact our office during regular business hours to schedule your Bend Radiesse consultation.

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