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Tetra Co2 Laser Skin ResurfacingIN BEND, OR

Tetra Co2 Ablative Skin Rejuvenation Therapy In Bend, OR

Tetra Co2 – The gold standard in treating aging skin

Over the years, our skin reflects the course of our lives – injuries can lead to uneven skin and scars, hours of fun in the sun and other lifestyle choices can lead to wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation, and acne can leave scars lingering long after breakouts have dissipated. With Tetra Co2 at EsthetixMD Laser Skin Resurfacing in Bend is here to help you wipe away the evidence of aging, injuries, and breakouts from your skin and reduce sun damage so you can have a youthful, revitalized appearance.

One of our versatile treatments that patients love is the Tetra Co2 ablative CO2 laser therapy, and patients looking for a gentler option can achieve terrific results with the non-ablative CoolPeel CO2 laser therapy CO2 lasers are considered the gold standard in aging skin treatments for the face, eyes, and body, and at EsthetixMD, we have performed over 1,000 treatments with CO2 lasers to help our patients achieve amazing results with these effective treatments. It can even be used for a non-surgical eyelift — called the Madonna eye-lift — to take years off of the appearance of your eyes. The Tetra Co2 laser is truly revolutionary in terms of its versatility and results for laser skin resurfacing.

What is Tetra Co2?

ablative laser resurfacing treatment

Tetra Co2 is an ablative laser resurfacing treatment that uses a CO2 laser to revitalize and refresh your skin. It is highly effective as a:

  • Wrinkle reduction treatment
  • Therapy to reduce acne scarring and other scars
  • Skin pigmentation treatment
  • Skin tightening and skin resurfacing therapy
  • Overall anti-aging treatment

With Tetra Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Bend patients can experience all of these benefits non-invasively, which means little downtime before you can get back to your normal activities with your beautiful, refreshed appearance. It is safe and effective, and the total treatment takes just under an hour in most cases.

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What To Expect During Your Tetra Co2 Treatment

First, we will perform an in-depth consultation with you to learn about your cosmetic goals and treatment preferences, as well as evaluate your skin to determine whether Tetra Co2 or another laser skin resurfacing therapy is right for you.

Prior to your Tetra Co2 procedure, we may apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure that you are completely comfortable during the treatment. We will customize the laser settings to match your unique skin’s needs and then apply the laser to your skin, where we will move it around the treatment area.

After your Bend laser skin resurfacing procedure is complete, you may experience some peeling and redness similar to a sunburn for a few days, which will then reveal brighter, fresher, and more youthful skin below. We will provide you with a rich hydrating cream to apply to your skin and optimize the healing process.

CoolPeel Non-Ablative Co2 Laser Therapy

Some patients want a more gentle approach for their skin resurfacing treatment. That’s where CoolPeel non-invasive laser facial treatment, the partner to Tetra Co2 treatment comes in.

It is a brand new fractional ablative technology that delivers the benefits of the SmartXide Tetra traditional CO2 laser from the same device, but uses extremely quick pulses of energy to only target the most superficial layer of skin without building up heat in the surrounding skin. CoolPeel has rapidly risen in popularity with our patients who love its results without the downtime! You may experience redness for a few days after a CoolPeel treatment but you can resume your normal activities immediately, and good hydration will help keep your skin healthy post-treatment.

CoolPeel is great for sun-damaged skin, and can reduce the signs of aging, remove dark spots, tighten loose skin, and much more, with reduced discomfort and downtime. Most patients achieve the best CoolPeel results with three to four treatments. We also encourage patients to combine their CoolPeel treatments for even more dramatic results. Depending on your specific cosmetic goals, you may benefit from Thermage FLX or Vivace treatment first, followed by CoolPeel, for both tightening and resurfacing of your skin.

Madonna Eyelift

Patients seeking a boost in the skin around their eyes without surgery can also benefit from Tetra CO2 laser skin resurfacing.

Called the Madonna Eyelift, the laser energy is used to break down old, damaged elastin and collagen fibers and stimulate your skin to regenerate new, healthy fibers for a younger, more lifted eye appearance. With the Madonna Eyelift, patients can see a reduction in issues such as:

  • Hooded eyes
  • Crow’s feet and other fine lines
  • Eye wrinkles
  • Sagging eyelids
Bend Tetra Co2 treatment model with brown hair

Experience The Benefits Of Tetra Co2 Or CoolPeel

Patients with a variety of skin issues love these laser facial treatments because they are so versatile and effective. If you find yourself wishing you could do one or more of the following, we encourage you to call us to learn more about your Tetra CO2 laser skin resurfacing options!

  • Reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines
  • Treat sun damage
  • Improve skin texture
  • Remove age spots and solar letigines (brown pigment)
  • Soften acne scars, minimize surgical scars, and minimize traumatic scars
  • Tighten and firm skin
  • Minimize stretch marks

Reveal your most beautiful skin by calling EsthetixMD in Bend, OR today! Our office can be reached at 541-508-7907

Call EsthetixMD at 541-508-7907 to learn more about CoolPeel, the latest CO2 laser resurfacing treatment.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Alison Jones, nurse practitioner at EsthetixMD. Times we are often hard on our skin and we find ourselves developing spots, scars, wrinkles and other skin issues. Laser therapy effectively tackles many of these skin issues and can delay the signs of ageing. Cool peel is one of the latest in CO2 laser resurfacing treatments and is gaining popularity because it requires almost no downtime and it’s minimally invasive. Cool peel works by targeting superficial layers of the skin. The targeted skin then slips off, revealing younger, healthier skin. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and the healing process takes 48 to 72 hours. At EsthetixMD, we are excited to be able to customise your CO2 skin resurfacing treatments. With the traditional of latest CO 2 procedure, I am able to target deeper lines, acting, sparring and pigment changes or using the same technology with its new cool peel procedure, I can address more superficial fine lines and textures. Visit us.

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