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Long-Lasting Sexual Performance Enhancement


At EsthetixMD in Bend, OR, more and more of our clients are interested in learning about non-invasive methods and treatments for areas of concern. One of the most exciting new technologies that we have equipped our office with is the ZWave Q system, which has different hand-pieces that enable us to treat multiple types of issues, including erectile dysfunction (ED) and enhanced performance. Our new ZWave Q GentlePro in Bend is 50% quieter than similar devices, making it the quietest shockwave device on the market, along with the highest safety and maximum comfort. The ZWave Q GentlePro system is an effective ED treatment to help men suffering from ED achieve better erections.

Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment For ED Or Overall Enhanced Performance


ED can take a massive toll on men’s lives, affecting both self-confidence and intimate relationships. Even if you do not have ED, you may feel like your sexual performance has declined over time, or you just don’t feel like it is optimal.

With the ZWave Q GentlePro system, men now have a non-invasive option for treating ED and enhancing sexual performance that does not rely on medications, injections, or other invasive therapies. With a 90+% success rate, virtually painless application, and few to no side effects, Bend ZWave Q GentlePro patients can experience a truly life-changing treatment for ED in young men or older men. Men who do not suffer from ED can also benefit from ZWave Q GentlePro treatment, as it can enhance your sexual performance by creating better and stronger erections. It treats the underlying vascular and blood flow issue that causes ED in many men by sending radial pulse waves, where it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels and enhances blood flow. After a series of treatments (typically between five and eight), men can experience:

  • Elevated blood flow for harder and prolonged erections
  • Reduced or no need for medications like Viagra
  • More spontaneous sex life
  • Long-lasting results – up to two years or more
  • A variety of clinical studies have shown that the Zwave Q GentlePro system generates a significant improvement in the formation of new blood vessels and increases blood flow, which are two crucial factors in achieving and maintaining erections – which means that our patients are more satisfied with the results!

What To Expect

Each treatment session takes about half an hour, and it is nearly pain-free and has no downtime afterward.

The shockwave device is used to stimulate the shaft of the penis as well as around the genitals for maximum effect. Most of our ZWave Q GentlePro Bend patients need five to eight treatments to achieve the best results, though many patients can begin to experience positive changes such as a stronger or longer-lasting erection after just one treatment.

The treatment can be used alone or with other ED treatments depending on the underlying cause. With no known adverse side effects and virtually painless treatment, this could be just the treatment you have needed to start feeling confident in your intimate relationship again. To learn more about the innovative ZWave Q GentlePro therapy for ED or enhanced sexual performance, call EsthetixMD in Bend, OR today at 541-508-7907

Zwave Q Gentlepro Frequently Asked Questions

  • What causes erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction is a common problem with many causes. Physical, lifestyle-related, and psychological factors can affect sexual performance and confidence. Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, degenerative disease, medications, depression, anxiety, stress, and lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption can contribute to ED. While it is essential to treat or manage underlying issues accordingly, you can now treat your ED directly without medication, side effects, or downtime, thanks to ZWave Q GentlePro.

  • Am I a good candidate for ZWave Q GentlePro?

    ZWave Q GentlePro is an effective treatment for generally healthy men of all ages who suffer from mild to moderate vasculogenic erectile dysfunction or who would like to improve their sexual performance. ZWave Q GentlePro may be less effective for men whose erectile dysfunction results from diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, or medical procedures such as cystectomy, prostatectomy, or radiation.

  • How many ZWave Q GentlePro treatments will I need?

    Most men achieve optimal results with five to eight treatments, though many report a noticeable improvement in sexual performance after their second or third session. Your provider will determine your appropriate number of treatments based on your individual needs.

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