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Revolutionary CoolTone™ treatment in Bend, OR achieves dramatic muscle toning without the workout or surgery

04 May

Get the fat-burning and muscle toning effects of thousands of sit-ups and crunches without breaking a sweat! CoolTone™ is a unique, all-in-one treatment that improves tone, builds muscle, and firms “trouble” areas that are difficult to shrink and improve with diet and exercise alone. Patients of EsthetixMD in Bend, OR, get results with CoolTone’s non-invasive therapy that they can’t achieve with workouts and exercise regimens. Our patients walk a little taller and find that clothes fit better around their firm stomachs, sides, thighs, and butts. Optimal results are visible within around three months and four treatment sessions that can generally be completed over a lunch hour (depending on the area or areas to be treated).

Give the gym a break

You’ll spend less time in the gym and more time enjoying life, thanks to this revolutionary aesthetic treatment brought to you by Zeltiq Aesthetics, the same innovator behind CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® may be an ideal complement to shrink other areas of stubborn fat, including the “bat wings” (triceps or upper arms) and “double chins” (for a more sculpted, defined jawline).

Predecessors to CoolTone™ have a proven track record of eliminating fat from targeted areas via the application of energy that generates heat or controlled cooling. CoolTone™, however, goes underneath the fat layer to deeply treat the muscles underneath. This therapy transcends earlier therapies designed to shrink or destroy fat cells; FDA-cleared CoolTone™ delivers Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to induce powerful “supramaximal” muscle contractions. The frequency of these contractions cannot be achieved by the body and standard firming exercises like squats.

EsthetixMD’s skilled professionals use specialized applicators to deliver powerful energy that triggers the equivalent of around 25,000 supramaximal contractions within a single treatment session. Try doing 25,000 sit-ups or 25,000 lunges during a single workout! CoolTone™ does the “work” for you. And, since the process of muscle remodeling is similar to what occurs as the result of intense exercise, a CoolTone™-toned body looks natural, with no invasive surgical interventions or body contouring therapies required.

Lots of different types of patients can benefit from CoolTone’s unique muscle-strengthening capabilities. You may be sore after each treatment, similar to a hard workout. There may also be fleeting treatment site swelling and redness. The scheduling of each treatment session may require a little planning, as it can intensify menstrual cramping during treatment.

Unleash the power of cool

As mentioned, CoolSculpting® and CoolTone™ can be a powerful fat-freezing, muscle-building combination. If this is a suitable option for you, CoolSculpting® applicators are applied, then CoolTone™. These combo treatments facilitate optimal fat reduction and gains in muscle mass without the need for anesthesia, invasive cutting, and downtime and recovery demands. Patients who are otherwise in good shape appreciate that they’re able to take their physiques to the next level. Now, patients who either don’t want to take time off work or aren’t candidates for procedures like butt lifts can achieve dramatic lifting, toning, and firming without the risk.

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You may see an improvement in as little as a few weeks and realize full results within around three months. Every patient is different, though, and the number of treatment sessions and the time commitment required depends on your starting point and goals. We encourage you to contact us today at 541-508-7907 to schedule your consultation and discover the unique joys of high-impact, no-sweat CoolTone™ treatment today!

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