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Men and women in Bend, OR ask, “Is it safe to have laser hair removal on the face?”

30 Jan

Women and men in the Bend, OR area and across the country are embracing the freedom of laser hair removal for legs and body. Treatment reduces or eliminates need for time-consuming shaving, uncomfortable waxing, and messy depilatory creams. Yet many people overlook the benefits of this technique for hair on the face, or they have concerns about safety. The team at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center shares this helpful guidance.

Facial hair is a little different

Hair that grows on the face is not like hair on the scalp or body. On men, facial growth tends to be dense. Each individual hair is bigger in diameter than a head hair and has a wiry texture because of the shape of the follicle. It may extend from just below the eyes all the way to the chest. That can make wearing a dress shirt and tie or turtleneck quite uncomfortable, whether you shave or sport a natural beard.

Women have finer, lighter hair over the cheeks although it can be rather long. Darker, more whisker-like growth often appears at the upper lip or chin and occasionally on the nose . . . especially after menopause.

Either gender may have “unibrow,” a hereditary trait that makes you look fierce.

It takes a special laser and trained clinicians to safely remove facial hair on variety of skin tone and hair color combinations.

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LightSheer DUET – top choice for facial hair removal

Hair, anywhere on the body, grows in three phases:

  • In the anagen growth stage, the follicle is actively producing a hair and pushing it out. A hair stays in this stage for three to five years.
  • That takes a lot of work, so the follicle takes a week or two, in the catagen (intermediate) stage, to prepare for a break. Growth stops as deep portions of the follicle begin to collapse.
  • Over the course of the next three to four months, the follicle rests and sheds its hair. Old hairs fall out and are replaced by new growth.

At any given moment, some of the hairs on your face are in each of these phases. However, only those in the anagen part of the cycle respond to laser hair removal. That is why several treatments spaced out over time are necessary for optimal clearance

The laser device sends a beam of intense light in a specific wavelength to the area of hair growth. Light is absorbed by pigments (melanin) in the shaft and bulb of the hair. This heats the follicle, disrupting the growth cycle. Treatment causes the hair to shed prematurely, and it may never grow back. Your body continues to produce a few new follicles each year, though. Regrowth, if any, is typically fine and sparse, and periodic re-treatment keeps the face smooth and hair-free.

While some practices invest in one laser and attempt to use it for many purposes, EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center has a suite of technological instrumentation. LightSheer DUET is ideal for removal of facial hair. With this high-speed laser, any area of the face can be treated in about 15 minutes, with minimal discomfort – usually topical numbing isn’t even needed. The device is equipped with proprietary ChillTip® technology that keeps skin cool and comfortable.

Bend, OR MedSpa offers safe laser hair removal on face

Safety is a concern with laser treatment on any part of the body, but especially on the face. Skin is delicate, others see your face every day, and you certainly don’t want to put vision at risk.

The providers at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center are trained by Lumenis, the manufacturer of LightSheer DUET, and have performed countless facial procedures with exceptional results. This is very important because lasers are powerful. In unqualified or inexperienced hands, laser hair removal could cause burns, scarring, changes in skin pigmentation, or injury to the eyes.

The LightSheer DUET device is cleared by the FDA for hair removal. The EsthetixMD facility maintains the highest standards of clinical sterility, and team takes extra steps to help make your appointment pleasant and your treatment safe. In addition, they provide patients with pre- and post-procedure instructions for great results with minimal risk of side effects.

Ladies, are you ready for makeup to glide onto sleek, feminine-looking skin on your face?

Guys, is it time to stop shaving and kiss razor rash goodbye? Schedule a consultation at EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center to find out if laser hair removal is right for you. The number in Bend, OR is 541-508-7907.

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