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07 Oct

Ways to Improve Glowing Skin in Bend OR Area

It is that time of year again! Crisp morning air, colorful leaves, and kids going back to school. With all of these welcome changes of the season, it is also time to consider some changes to your skin care routine. No matter how religious you were with your sunscreen, odds are that you still had a good amount of UV rays that caused some amount of damage and allowed for some pigment to come back as well. Time to erase all of that damage from the summer sun, and prepare your skin for colder days. Here are some of our staff’s favorite products that will make you Fall back in love with your skin.


With the harsh sun and heat starting to die down and colder, dryer days quickly approaching; I recommend switching to a cleanser that is more hydrating and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Cleansing the skin with an appropriate cleanser allows your skin to absorb products effectively and sets the tone for how your skin behaves for the rest of the day.

Elta MD Foaming cleanser

Elta MD Foaming cleanser

When I think of this cleanser, I think “Clean and Balanced”. Because that is exactly how your skin will feel after using this gentle, oil-free, rich foaming cleanser that is dermatologist recommended for our acne and sensitive clients. The enzymes and amino acids that this cleanser contains loosens makeup, oil, and other impurities and lifts it off the skin for a clean and balanced feel.

Skin Medica Facial Cleanser

Skin Medica Facial Cleanser

A customer and staff favorite, this cleanser is appropriate for all skin types. It is enriched with powerful antioxidants to protect and chamomile to soothe all while effectively removing excess oil, makeup, and environmental pollutants leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Skin Medica AHA BHA Cleanser

Skin Medica AHA BHA Cleanser

This exfoliating cleanser has naturally derived alpha-hydroxy acids combined with beta-hydroxy acids in addition to gentle jojoba spheres (no plastic beads here!) that help gently exfoliate dead skin cells to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture. A great cleanser that will exfoliate away all that summer fun!


If you have tv, you have probably seen all of the skin care commercials for Vitamin C. That is because everyone is catching on to how important and vital this serum is for healthy skin. There are many benefits of using Vitamin C serums. This powerful antioxidant protects the skin from free radicals, essential to producing collagen, decreases transepidermal water loss, and brightens the skin allowing for a more youthful glow. Bye summer sun damage, Hello healthy skin!

Obagi Professional Vit C Serums

Obagi Professional Vit C Serums

This medical grade skin care line is the creme de la creme when it comes to Vit C serums. It contains L-Ascorbic Acid which is the most bioavailable form of Vit C for optimal skin absorption for efficacy and results. Obagi has many different percentages of potency and blends to ensure that there is a serum for everyone!

Obagi-C RX Clarifying system with 4% hydroquinone

Obagi-C RX Clarifying system with 4% hydroquinone

This complete skin care system from Obagi has all of the same great key ingredients and L-Ascorbic Acid as the Vit C serums and is specifically formulated to improve the toughest pigmentation issues and create a more youthful appearance.


Lets face it, the climate here in Central Oregon is drying to the skin. And it only gets worse in the colder seasons. Do you find that no matter how much moisturizer you apply, your skin is still dry? That is because you have lost your hyaluronic acid that allows your skin to retain moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that draws the moisture from the air, the water you drink, and the moisturizers you put on your skin and puts it to work. Moisturizers alone are typically just a quick bandaid which is why you may have to reapply throughout the day. Adding a Hylaorinic Acid to your skincare routine may just be the missing piece to your dry skin woes!

Skin Medica HA5

Skin Medica HA5

Another customer and staff favorite, this HA serum supports the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture by a proprietary mix of five HA forms that work synergistically to provide immediate and long term hydration that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention the 13 hour plumping effect for supple skin throughout your day!


Retinol, which is a retinoid and part of the Vit A family, is important to add to your nightly routine for optimal cell turn over and healthy skin. This serum reduces signs of aging by reducing pigmentation and wrinkles. As we age our cell turnover slows down significantly. This traps pigmentation and creates deep wrinkles. By increasing our cell turnover at night we allow pigmentation to come to the surface to slough off and increase collagen production that will aid in decreasing wrinkles. Retinol will also help other serums penetrate the skin effectively.

Skin Medica Retinols

Skin Medica Retinols

I always recommend my clients who are new to retinoids to start out with Skin Medica’s Retinol Complex series. There are three strengths available that you can work up to so your skin can acclimate to this strong antioxidant product. Skin Medica’s Retinol Complex serums are encapsulated with a PhytoShield Complex that is rich in antioxidants to allow for optimal cell renewal while you are sleeping.

Obagi Tretinoin

Obagi Tretinoin

Already a pro with Retinol? It is time to up the ante with Obagi Tretinoin. With three strengths available, we can get your skin acclimated to this prescription strength retinoid. You will notice such an amazing glow to your skin, you are sure to get compliments.


Melasma is chronic pigmentation caused by hormones or excessive sun exposure. It typically occurs in young women that have been pregnant or taking birth control. It can last several years or can be lifelong. This skin condition can affect a person’s quality of life depending on the severity of it. Here at EsthetixMD, we have several options to help the appearance of it.

Obagi Nu-Derm System

Obagi Nu-Derm System

This professional grade lightening system is a complete skin care regimen with effective prescription strength Tretinoin and 4% hydroquinone to inhibit melanin production and renew the skin’s surface for smooth texture and even skin tone improving the toughest pigmentation issues like Melasma.

Skin Medica Lytera Advanced Pigment Correcting System Kit

Skin Medica Lytera Advanced Pigment Correcting System Kit

We understand that some clients want to go a more natural route with their skin care. And that is what this system provides! Complete with everything you will need for your skin care, this kit has naturally derived ingredients that will help target the toughest pigmentation issues and improve skin texture.


Summer is not the only season that we need to remember our sunscreen. Even if it is overcast and cold, those harmful UV Rays are still penetrating the skin’s barrier. At EsthetixMD, we have lots of sunscreen options to choose from that you are sure to find one perfect for you.

Skin Medica Total Defense and Repair SPF 50

Skin Medica Total Defense and Repair SPF 50

This rejuvenating sunscreen is available in tinted and non-tinted and helps prevent premature signs of aging from chronic sun exposure. With a trio of potent antioxidants that protect and repair the skin from within, this sunscreen will not only protect from harmful UV rays, it will also protect from Infrared-A rays and heat that break down collagen and elastin.


Sometimes we get too fixated on the skin on our face, we neglect our largest organ; the skin on our body! It is just as important to baby the skin on your body to avoid signs of aging. We also want our skin to look as youthful as we feel!

Environ Body

Environ Body

This skin care line is scientifically researched and developed to make a real difference to the skin. It is designed to correct the chronic deficiency of Vitamin A that everyone suffers from in the exposed areas of the skin. Not only is it intended for all skin types, but all ages as well. Using this product you will notice an improvement in hydration, tone, texture, and crepiness of the skin. You will be bummed you will have to cover it up with all of those winter layers!

Skin Medica Chemical Peels

Video Transcript

Hey every one we are back at Esthetix MD Facebook live, we are just going to demonstrate the peel on Laurie here – our wonderful raffle winner here – she go the aluminize peel and so Nicholas is our licensed aesthetician here at Esthetix MD and he is going to be applying this peel on Laurie. So one thing I really like about this luminizing peel it is that it is great for people who are new to chemical peels, this is Laurie’s first chemical peel, she actually came and saw me about a month ago – and we had a consultation and she came to me and said she won this amazing luminizing peel – super exciting! SO what is great about the luminizing peel is that it is not a super deep peel it penetrate to about mid sub-cranium which is the outermost layer of skin and it will also give you some brightening, a little bit of tightening, but you won’t get any peeling you won’t have any sluffing and you will also get a little micro exfoliation from it. I had aluminize as a peel last night so as you can see I am not peeling I don’t have any down time so it is a great peel for if you have an even the next day it is kind of nicknamed the red carpet peel, and also if you – I am so sorry! If you want to come in as super easy and so we are going to start by applying an acetone and so this is going to prep the skin for the peel, I apologize this is the worst part – I have a little fan here that is gone to help us out. If you won’t mind holding this fan for me – have to blow and have it going down. It does not smell great! Obviously on the side of me – alright so here we go! Let’s just do one pass, and what i mean by sluffing the term you used – that is when you have visible dead skin on the surface, and you kind of get that peeling sensation like with a bad sun burn. So with this peel you should not expect to see any of that it is just a little bit of micro exfoliation just a little bit of brightening and glowing, again lie the worst part of this is just the chemical the acetone scent it is not very pleasant, but otherwise the skin feel pretty good and this is just a prep so he is just prepping the skin, he has not put the peel solution on yet but when he does she might experience a little bit of tingling, and as you can see Laurie has more of a sensitive skin type she is already starting to mildly react to the acetone so we are going to see a bit of redness when we apply the actual peel here. So because Laurie has more sensitive skin, this is a fin peel for her to use. We might not go to a harsher peel for her, just because she does have some sensitivity we would not want to do too harsh of a peel, this is just starting to put the peel solution on. It is quick and easy, he just puts it on and she actually leaves with the peel solution still on her skin. We actually she prefer she not wash her skin until tomorrow but she can later on tonight if she wants to right before she goes to bed she can wash her face but the longer we leave the peel solution on the skin, the better result Laurie will get. Yews and like you mentioned early –I am sorry Laurie this is a self-neutralizing peel so she is going to leave with it on and we are not going to have to neutralize it. But what I really like about this aluminize peel is that it has the alpha hydroxyl acids and the beta hydroxyl acids in it, and there are no large molecule forms so it is not going to penetrate deep into the dermis it is going to sit in the cranium ad we are not going to get super deep penetration that is why you won’t get the stuffing or the peeling, but as you can see that is looking natural. We are going to do one more layer on Luray here – and how are you feeling? Good! It feels good- if you can explain – a slight tingling maybe but other than that it is good. Alright perfect, well that is it and that was just a very quick and easy demo of the Aluminize peel and again today if you want to call in and you want to buy a hundred and 50 dollars in skin medical products we are giving a reel vitalize peel, that is a little bit of a stronger strength peel – it is at a 150 dollar value that you get free with your purchase today! So have a great day and thanks for watching! Thank you!

This chemical peel line will address the visible skin imperfections like pigmentation and wrinkles that result from skin aging and sun exposure. This treatment aims to accelerate skin exfoliation by the use of chemical substances. After assessing the clients skin condition, you chose from three peel strengths for optimal results.


Brighten your skin and get rid of sunspots and old acne scars with the IPL treatment. At EsthetixMD, you are in safe hands.

Video Transcript

What motivated me to do the bright package for the IPL was just kind of being in a rut and just kind of feeling like I am lifeless and I knew I wanted to do a new year’s resolution 2019 to brighten up my skin, get rid of the sunspots, and old acne scars. Working with Esthetix MD and being a client it is like a big family – Sarah made me feel so relaxed and calm I knew I was in good hands with her and she was very professional, walked my through the whole procedure as it was happening and any question I ever had they always had an answer and plus a bonus answer for me so it is actually perfect.

IPL, Intense Pulse Light, uses light energy to target certain chromophores (targets) in the skin. When those chromophores are heated with the light of the laser, your body gets rid of those heated, unwanted cells. IPL can help improve hyperpigmentation, sun spots, redness, rosacea, acne, and texture of the skin. For optimal results, four treatments four weeks apart is recommended. This allows for different layers to be targeted without the risk of over-treating. IPL has very little to no down time with pigment pulling to the surface that may take a week to slough off.



Video Transcript

Hi there – Nicholas here with Esthetix MD and I just want to talk to you today about Pico laser. So we just purchased our first Pico laser and the Pico lasers are lasers that use photoacoustics which are sound waves that are essentially made out of light and these Pico lasers they shatter their target, so when we are treating things like tattoos its shatters that tattooing. Previous to Pico lasers – we used something called the q-switch laser which fires in a Nanosecond which is one billionth of a second and it shatters that tattoo ink into rabble sized pieces which then your body digests into your lymphatic system, whereas a Pico laser which fires at one trillionth of second – it shatters that ink up into sand like pieces so it is easier for your body to digest up those ink fragment and in turn giving you a more effective result. Pic lasers are also indicated to treat Melasma, just like tattooing it shatters that hyperpigmentation, the sun spots sun damage – that sort of thing, to help reduce hyperpigmentation, and that is also indicated for overall skin rejuvenation – so we are really excited at Esthetix MD to have a Pico laser here and to be offering that next generation of tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation such as Melasma and that sort of thing. Well thank you very much have a great day!

Before  & After Image of Pico Process

Pico’s unique photomechanical effect is exceptional at removing even highly pigmented inks deep in the skin, precisely and safely. The number of treatment sessions that are required to clear your body art depends on several factors, such as the size and age of the tattoo, as well as the quality and color of the inks.

Pico technology’s built-in capabilities minimize the amount of heat that is generated during treatment, which decreases the risk of damage to the skin. This advanced design also triggers a process that disrupts clusters of melanin pigment. So, in three to six treatment sessions, stubborn hyperpigmentation such as freckles and sunspots fade. Pico is one of the most effective lasers that you can use for melasma, too.

Clear+ Brilliant

Before  & After Image of Clear+ Brilliant  Process

Clear + Brilliant improves skin tone and texture, helps boost collagen, and fights signs of aging. It’s the complete skin treatment!

Video Transcript

Clear + Brilliant – the complete treatment! Helps prevent the early signs of aging* Helps maintain healthy looking skin, helps improve tone, texture and radiance. Complete your look! Clear + Brilliant treats: all skin types, all ages and all year long. Treats the skin surface; helps – to improve skin tone, smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, and deeper depths of the dermis. Help to boost collagen, reduce pore size fight early signs of ageing. No surgery, minimal downtime, look your best for life’s big events. – The complete treatment! Real patients, real results.
“I feel more confident” “I feel refreshed” “my skin is so smooth” “I love it” 100% of patients* would recommend the Clear + Brilliant complete treatment to a friend or a family member.* 100% of patients* noticed improvement after just one Clear + Brilliant complete treatment* feel more confident with your Clear + Brilliant complete treatment*. Find out why everyone is talking about Clear + Brilliant: 2021 New Beauty Award, Celebrity Favorite. Helps prevent* helps maintain, helps improve your kin, your goals, your treatment. Give your skin a touch of brilliance. – complete your look!

Clear + Brilliant laser system (1440nm and 1927 handpieces) is indicated for dermatological procedure requiring the coagulation of soft tissues, and general skin resurfacing.

Important safety information
The following contraindications are routine for many laser treatment and may also be associated with non-ablative Clear + Brilliant laser system treatment. You may not be an appropriate candidate for a treatment if you:
– Have been diagnosed with or possible have actinic Keratoses, Melasma, rosacea, or other significant skin conditions (e.g. Skin cancer, active infections, cold sores, open wounds, rashes, burns, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis)
– Are predisposed to keloid formation or excessive scarring
– Have a condition that may compromise the immune system, such as HIV, lupus, scleroderma or systemic infections
– Have a known sensitivity to light or if you taking photosynthesizing agents or medications:
– Are on systematic steroids (e.g. Prednisone, dexamethasone), which should be rigorously avoided prior to and throughout the course of treatments.
– Are using retinoid, which should be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior to and during treat
– Have skin that is still recovering from a cosmetic procedure, such as a chemical or mechanical peel or laser resurfacing and
– Have had botulinum toxin injections, or dermal fillers (such collagen or hyaluronic acid) within the past 2 weeks

Talk to your doctor for more information about Clear + Brilliant

Solta medical is a global leader in the aesthetic industry proving innovative products such as Liposonix, Vaserlipo, Vaser ultrasonic systems, Thermage, radiofrequency and Isolaz acne therapy systems and the Clear + Brilliant, Clear + Brilliant pelo and Fraxel lasers.

Clear + Brilliant® helps to protect your skin’s youthful appearance and health by delivering powerful laser energy to a fraction of the treatment area at a time. Fractional laser systems create microscopic treatment “zones” or injuries in the skin’s outermost layers, which triggers a healing and resurfacing process. The damaged outer layers then make way for fresh, glowing, perfected skin underneath.


Experience CoolPeel, one of the latest C02 laser resurfacing treatments. The minimally invasive procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

Video Transcript

Hi I am Alison Jones, nurse practitioner at Esthetix MD. Time is often hard on our skin that we find ourselves often developing bumps scars winkles and other issues. Laser therapy effectively tackles many of these issues and can delay these types of ageing. Cool peel is one of the latest in C02 laser resurfacing treatment and is gaining popularity because it requires almost no downtime and it is minimally invasive. Cool Peel works by targeting superficial layers of the skin, the targeted skin then slaps off revealing younger healthier skin. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and the healing process takes 48 to 72 hours – at Esthetix MD we are excited to be able to customize your C02 skin resurfacing treatment, with the tradition ablative C02 laser I am able to target deeper lines, acne as cars and pigmentation or using the same technology with its new cool peel feature I can address new fine lines and textures.

CoolPeel is an advanced method of ablative laser skin resurfacing that reduces fine lines, gets rid of sun damage, and improves tone and texture. The system produces precise energy that is delivered to the skin in very short pulses, which removes the dull upper layers of the skin and stimulates new collagen production. This treatment can have little down time and up to 5 days of redness and swelling depending on the strength of the treatment.


Before  & After Image of Fraxel Process

EsthetixMD uses customized treatments and the latest technologies – from CoolPeel, CO2, and Clear + Brilliant to Fraxel – to offer the best outcome for patients.

Video Transcript

Our front office manager Marin discussing Fraxel and laser skin resurfacing:

Hi guys I am coming to you from my home office today and I am wanting to talk to you a little bit about the different modalities that we offer here at Aesthetics MD – we offer some of the latest and greatest technology that has been thoroughly vetted for efficacy from ownership as well as management team, and we love that we have so many different option when it comes to resurfacing clear and brilliant, Fraxel which are non-ablative to the cool peel and C02, and having these different modalities really give us the option to treat every different skin type as well as customized treatment plans according to what lifestyle and what your routine will allow as far as downtime no downtime, social downtime all of those are what we take into consideration when trying to put together something that would offer the best outcome for you, as a patient. Working at Esthetix MD it is really nice that you are somewhat spoilt from time to time because we do get to explore the different treatment options I have recently had a Fraxel treatment for my face neck and chest, and still in the early stage of that treatment, but what I will see is pigment polls, any sun spots or brown spots, that I have will start to pull and slop off over the next couple of weeks and I am experiencing some redness to the skin still as I am about 5 days out and you can see the bronzing and the skin right here where the pigment has been pulled, so best outcome would be a series of treatment anywhere from starting at about 3 treatments would be a series depending on your skin type. These are booked out about 4 week apart, I am really excited to see what my outcome is as I continue through this treatment process.

Fraxel is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment designed to create younger looking skin in a single treatment. Fraxel targets aging and sun damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin to expedite your body’s remodeling of collagen. Best outcomes are with four to six treatments, six weeks apart. Downtime consists of 5-7 days of redness and swelling.

Call our office for more information Call us at 541-508-7907 or Schedule an Appointment online today


I hope that you have found some inspiration for a Fall skin care routine. Want more information on products or your personal skin care needs? You can call EsthetixMD and schedule your complimentary consultation and receive an Observe Skin Care Analysis to start your skin care journey. Your Results, Our Reason.

Sara Nicole


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