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Sculpt the body you want without hours in the gym with Emsculpt in Bend, OR

At EsthetixMD Medical Spa and Laser Center, patients can enjoy a number of treatment options for their face, skin, hair, and body. Our team of certified professionals is excited to announce the introduction of a revolutionary treatment called Emsculpt for patients in Bend, OR and other central Oregon communities.

Many women and men struggle with the inability to build muscle or achieve a toned physique in certain areas of their body, despite a firm commitment to a regular exercise routine and healthy diet.  Previously, the only treatments for these areas involved going under the knife with invasive surgical procedures. Thanks to modern advances in cosmetic treatment options, Emsculpt can slim and tone these trouble areas non-invasively—no needles, scalpels, or anesthesia are necessary! In fact, this amazing technology is the world’s first and only device that builds muscle, burns fat, and even lifts the buttocks in a non-invasive manner for non-surgical results similar to those of liposuction, tummy tucks, and butt lifts.

What is Emsculpt?

HIFEM technology

Emsculpt is a non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring solution that uses modern high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, also known as HIFEM, to achieve unparalleled body contouring results. It can be used on either your buttocks or abdomen to induce muscle contractions, which builds muscle mass and targets fat cells. This particular treatment results in 20,000 forced muscle contractions per session—in other words, it is the same as doing 20,000 squats when treating the buttocks area or 20,000 sit-ups when treating the abdominal area, all in just 30 minutes! These contractions multiply the myofibers and improve volumetric growth in muscles, while also resulting in cascaded apoptotic effects, or programmed fat cell death, to reduce fat in the treatment area. Studies show that Emsculpt achieves:

  • A 16% increase in average muscle mass
  • An average fat reduction of 19%
  • An improvement of 11% in diastasis recti


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In other words, this treatment improves muscle density and volume while also targeting unwanted fat at the same time, resulting in improved body contours in a more natural way than traditional cosmetic surgeries. And even better, all of this is done non-invasively without side effects, pain, or downtime!

This non-surgical fat reduction method is extremely popular with our patients who want to avoid traditional plastic surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tucks, or butt lifts. Common aesthetic concerns of patient’s patients who are interested in Emsculpt include:

  • Undefined core or weakened abdominal muscles
  • Diastasis recti, or separated abdominal muscles, from a previous pregnancy
  • Stomach fat that won’t go away after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Undefined or “flat butt” even after regular exercise targeted at the buttocks

The body is approximately 30-40% muscle, so why not focus on building muscles and not just losing fat? Emsculpt is the only treatment that can provide improvement in both areas, resulting in more noticeable results over time. This treatment does not require anesthetics, and it is performed right in our office so you can feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment you already know. It is a true game-changer for patients who want to tone underlying muscle while burning unwanted fat cells.

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The team at EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center is proud to provide a variety of solutions for patients in and around the area of Bend, OR. If you are interested in cosmetic solutions such as Emsculpt, we welcome you to book a visit with our staff. Our medical director, Dr. Jamie McAllister, and our fully certified team of professional staff love working with patients to understand their cosmetic goals. We work with you one-on-one to learn about the concerns you have with your body and offer a wide array of treatment options to fit a variety of needs and preferences.

We are conveniently located at 115 SW Allen Road in Bend, OR and our front office team can schedule an appointment for you when you call us at (541) 303-9155. Learn more about Emsculpt and other revolutionary cosmetic procedures and treatments available in our state-of-the-art practice by calling us today!

FAQ About Emsculpt body contouring services

Emsculpt is a revolutionary option for patients in the area of Bend, OR who are interested in not only targeting fat for body contouring but improving muscle tone. This treatment has received clearance from the US FDA for two primary areas: the abdomen and the buttocks.

Emsculpt uses HIFEM (high intensity focused electro-magnetic) technology. This advanced technology works by forcing tens of thousands of muscle contractions during each session to improve the growth of the muscles while disrupting fat development. Together, these improvements work to contour the body in the areas that are often most problematic for men and women—the stomach and the buttocks.
Patients must understand that much like building muscle and losing fat through exercise at the gym, the process takes time to occur. Noticeable results can be seen between two to six weeks after the first treatment and they continue to improve over a six month period. The Emsculpt treatment can be continued past four sessions for even more noticeable results.

Patients who are interested in contouring their body while addressing both fat and muscle are welcome to ask the team of EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center about the advantages of using Emsculpt treatments. Most anyone can benefit from this service, though an initial consultation with your provider is highly recommended to determine for sure if you are an ideal candidate for noticeable results. In general, it is important for patients to have a firm commitment to maintaining a high-quality, healthy diet and a regular exercise routine so they can maintain the benefits of their treatment.
The treatment sessions are relatively short, and most patients targeting a single area will spend thirty minutes per area in our office. While the treatment is occurring, you can relax comfortably in our office, reading a good book, catching up on work, or simply resting.
To see the best results, we encourage patients to book a minimum of four treatment sessions spaced a few days apart over the course of two weeks total. The providers at our practice will determine the best course of action and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to a patient’s specific goals and desires.
Patients will lie down on a treatment table for their procedure. They will lie on their back if they are treating the abdominal area and lie on their stomach if they are treating the buttocks. Patients relax while the Emsculpt device is used on the treatment area for approximately thirty minutes. It will feel like an intense workout as the device stimulates muscle contractions throughout the session.
One of the amazing benefits of the Emsculpt treatment is the ability to achieve results without an invasive procedure. This means that patients do not experience any downtime or side effects after their treatment sessions. They can return right back to their normal schedule and usual activities with no interruption, including going back to work immediately or resuming their daily exercise routine. This is perfect for patients with busy lifestyles who are unable to take extended time off work and social activities to undergo aesthetic procedures such as this.
It is important for patients to understand that immediate results are not seen with this method, as is with traditional plastic surgeries. Instead, the changes occur over time. Patients will notice improvements in just a few weeks and may see their clothes fitting differently than they did before. As patients continue their treatments, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of this non-invasive treatment. After the final treatment, patients’ body contours keep improving as their body flushes out the dead fat cells. There is no scarring, downtime, or risk of infection with Emsculpt services.
Emsculpt not only works on the abdominal area but also the buttocks. An alternative to a traditional butt lift, Emsculpt will tone, firm, and strengthen the buttocks area. This can result in a lifted and tighter appearance. This can improve a patient’s confidence when they are wearing bathing suits or fitted leggings or jeans, ensuring improved self-esteem.
At EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center, our highly trained professionals have years of combined experience in providing patients with solutions for their hair, skin, nails, and body, and we continue to stay current with the latest technologies so we can provide optimum results and strategic, state-of-the-art services for our new and existing patients.

Learn about Emsculpt with our professional staff members at EsthetixMD Spa and Laser Center by scheduling an appointment at 541.303.9155 today! Our team is dedicated to ensuring patients in the Bend, OR area have access to some of the latest technologies, including body sculpting with Emsculpt treatments, and other options to help them achieve the beautiful skin and toned body of their dreams!

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EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center is dedicated to providing safe, effective medical and cosmetic solutions that help men and women look and feel their best. Our med spa clinicians team are all certified and comprises of Dr. Jamie McAllister; Dr. Jeffrey Scott; Dr. Marlene Covey; Allison Jones, NP; Amy Milne, RN; Jennifer Preston, RN; Rebecca Covey; Cri Tillia; Kali Booher; Sarah Wiley; Sara Nicole Will; Celia Coe; Jauna Bottmiller; Nicholas A. Miller; Kela Covey; Natalie White CAE, MA.
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