EsthetixMD med spa offers several types of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to gently remove brown spots and redness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten loose skin.

IPL combines the benefits of optical energy and to boost collagen production and reduce discolorations.

A solution for all skin types, this is a treatment with no downtime for clearer, smoother, more radiant skin on face, neck or other areas of the body.


The IPL device is the best treatment for fading away excess brown pigment (freckles, sun/age spots), and clearing facial redness associated with rosacea and sun damage. It targets the cells that contain the excess pigment and then causes the pigment to rise to the surface of the skin where it sloughs off. Because excess pigment is deposited at different layers of the skin, it takes up to six treatments to reach the deeper layers of pigment and get optimal results. For facial redness, the IPL closes down the tiny blood vessels that cause the redness.

An effective solution for brown discoloration (hyperpigmentation), IPL is delivered in a series of treatments. IPL can initially darken some of the area treated. This is a sign of good things to come, indicating the brownish pigment superficially located in the layers of your skin has been reached. Over seven to 14 days, most patients notice a lightening of these superficial brown spots. If the pigment is located in the deeper layers of skin, as is often the case in melasma, we may recommend a profractional laser treatment. It is not always possible to eliminate all spots and brown pigmentation, but dramatic lightening and improvement is common.

The IPL can also be used to treat facial, neck and chest redness. Redness can look slightly more evident and patchy after a session. A short series of treatments is typically needed to see significant results.

You’ll feel a mild stinging sensation. A bright light will be evident even though your eyes are completely protected with laser eye shields. Anesthetics are typically not required. Afterwards, there can be a mild “sunburn” sensation that usually goes away after one or two days.

The most common (and expected) side effect is a darkening of the more superficial brown spots and areas being treated. This darkening will flake off after one or two weeks. You may also experience generalized redness of the skin and redness around the brown spots, like a halo. This can persist 48 to 72 hours. To avoid complications, IPL should not be done prior to or after sun exposure.

There is minimal downtime with IPL treatments. Typically, darkening and discoloration is most evident after the first treatment, is less obvious with subsequent sessions, and can be covered with makeup. To avoid complications and assure best outcomes, we require that

  • you do not tan, or use spray tan/self tanner two weeks before your treatment, and
  • you avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours before and after your treatment.

With proper skin care and sun protection following IPL treatments, results can last for years. But skin naturally creates brown spots in response to UV radiation exposure. Since it’s impossible to avoid all sun exposure, new brown spots may emerge gradually over time.

You can prolong your good results with a skin care regimen that includes products designed to suppress the development of brown and red discoloration, followed daily, year-round. Skin damage can occur even in dreary winter months when there is much less sunshine. The damage often does not become apparent until sunnier months. Most people find they need a single IPL treatment once a year for maintenance.

The cost is based on the size of the area you want treated and the number of treatments needed to address your specific problem. Treatment of brown spots or hyperpigmentation will require up to six sessions for ideal results. For redness, most patients gets results after three treatments. Sessions are conducted every three to four weeks.