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Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Bend - Tattoo Eraser Tattoos are an incredibly popular art form, seen on people of all ages. In many situations, a person who gets a tattoo will keep it for life. However, we are now seeing a demand for safe, effective tattoo removal, which we are pleased to provide in our comfortable esthetic center in Bend, Oregon.

Is laser tattoo removal the only option for clearer skin?

The need for tattoo removal is not new. Everything from surgery to creams have been developed in hopes of achieving clearer skin. Topical creams continue to be sold in various retail outlets. In an effort to avoid surgery, many people try such products. The issue with a topical approach is the ink is not on the skin's surface, but in tissues beneath. For this reason, a cream or other topical product will not achieve the desired outcome.

Does laser tattoo removal get good results?

Laser tattoo removal has advanced dramatically in recent years. Early devices could successfully remove certain pigments but not others. Thermal energy was somewhat uncomfortable. Today, the process of removing unwanted ink is much easier, more comfortable, and more precise. Using specific wavelengths of light delivered in ultra-short pulses, it affects even the pigments that have historically been a challenge.

How does laser hair removal work?

Treatment involves targeting ink with a state-of-the-art 1064/532 q switch laser. The thermal energy of these precise wavelengths passes through the epidermis and is absorbed into deeper tissue. Here, particles of ink are broken apart. With each subsequent session, the particles are further broken down until they are small enough to be naturally absorbed and reduced.*

Is the process the same for every patient?

Modern laser devices like ours have adjustable settings that allow full customization for each individual. Not all ink is the same, just like not all skin is the same. To determine the most appropriate setting, we will assess your skin as well as the characteristics of your tattoo.

How many treatments will I need?

Every person’s skin and immune system are unique, and these factor in to the result. Also, the size, age, colors, density of those colors, and location all affect the removal process.

The experienced staff at EsthetixMD can develop a personal treatment plan through which you can feel better about the appearance of your skin. To learn more about laser tattoo removal, contact our office and schedule a consultation.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
Every situation is different, which is why a thorough consultation is necessary. The cost of treatment will depend on the size of the tattoo, the pigments, and the estimated number of treatments to achieve your goal, whether that is to lighten a tattoo or completely remove it.
Does laser treatment hurt?
Laser tattoo removal is not completely painless. However, most patients experience a tolerable level of discomfort, nothing more than what they felt when getting their tattoo. We seek to improve comfort as necessary, using external cooling or numbing cream.
Will I see a change after every treatment?
Just as every tattoo is different, so is the process through which each person’s body reduces the appearance of* tattoo ink. Some people begin to see a lightening effect after their very first treatment. Others see very little from their first few treatments, but see more dramatic results near the end of their treatment program.
Can I schedule visits closer together to see results more quickly?
Laser tattoo removal prompts a natural response in your body’s immune system, and this takes time. Sessions are scheduled accordingly. Increasing the frequency of laser treatments may lead to scarring or discoloration.
Will I have scarring after laser tattoo removal?
The risk of scarring from laser tattoo removal is nearly non-existent if you follow our recommendations for after-care. It is important to understand that, if you have previous scarring, from your initial tattoo procedure or from scratching your tattoo, this will not improve with treatment.
What after-care is required?
The most important aspect of laser tattoo removal is letting the skin heal after each session. Scratching should be avoided, and sun protection should remain high in order to prevent scarring and discoloration. Your clinician will discuss the recommended after-care during each session.
*Individual results will vary
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