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Fungal Nail Problems and Laser Treatment in Bend OR

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Located in Bend, OR, EsthetixMD Spa & Laser Center offers medical and cosmetic treatments for the face and body. We understand that you want to look and feel good from your head to your toes. Unfortunately, the toes may not always look their best. Patients are often shy when it comes to discussing fungal problems. We now offer laser treatment for nail fungus to keep your toes in top condition.

Common nail problems

Changes in your fingernails or toenails are often overlooked but your nails can show signs of distress or underlying health issues. The nails can develop ridges or lines, become brittle, become discolored, or have chronic trauma. These nail problems are commonly mistaken for fungal infections.

There are many species of fungus that may affect the nails. Both fingernails and toenails can become infected. The most common fungus is Trichophyton rubrum (T. rubrum). Signs and symptoms of this fungal infection may include:

  • Raising of the nail
  • Discoloration of the nail
  • White powdery material on the nail surface
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Causes or risk factors

Infected finger
A fungus can lurk in even the most unsuspected places or may be more common in patients with athletic lifestyles or certain conditions.

  • Nail salons– Some salons do not follow the proper steps for cleansing and sterilizing instruments after each client.
  • Communal showers– Locker rooms and public swimming pools are a hotbed for fungal growth as the areas are wet or moist.
  • Athletes– Athletes may be more susceptible to toenail fungus due to wearing tight, hot shoes and constant trauma to the toenails.
  • The elderly or those with compromised immune systems may be more prone to fungal infections.

Pre-treatment guidelines for laser toenail fungus treatment

  • Make sure you remove all nail polish prior to your appointment. Please do this at least 24 hours in advance.
  • File down the nails only if they are thick.
  • Bring sandals or new shoes to wear after your treatment.
  • Do not continue to wear your old shoes unless they have been treated by
  • Be prepared to sterilize your current shoes or buy new shoes.
  • Continue to have good foot hygiene.


With advanced laser technology, your nail problems can now be a thing of the past. Lasers are precise and accurate, only treating the targeted area to avoid damaging the surrounding tissue. When used to treat nail fungus, the laser heats the nail and underlying tissue. This discourages fungal growth. More than one treatment is necessary to fully destroy the infection.

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