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Do I have nail fungus?

Signs that you may have an infected toenail include:

  • No shine to a nail or nails
  • The shape of a nail has become distorted
  • A nail is crumbly at the edge
  • Unusual thickness to a nail
  • Darkened color
  • Unpleasant odor

Why did I get nail fungus?

Onychomycosis (on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis), or nail fungus, is not caused by anything that you have done “wrong.” Over 10 percent of the population will be affected by this foot condition at some point. The reason for infection is that tiny microbes thrive in moist environments, such as your shoes. Additional areas a nail fungus may be contracted is a nail salon, gym, or public showers and pools. You can even catch a nail fungus from someone you live with.

Why isn’t my nail getting better with home treatment?

Many people who attempt to treat nail fungus with home care end up feeling frustrated. This is because the condition is intensely resistant and may require a full year of daily treatment in order to reach full resolution.

How can nail fungus be treated successfully?

There are a few ways that physicians can treat nail fungus. Historically, treatment has involved oral medication. However, there can be unpleasant side effects to this approach. Topical medications may be kinder to the liver but tend to achieve limited results due to a lack of adequate penetration of the nail. Like home treatments, standard medical treatment may take a year of daily use.

What about laser treatment for nail fungus?

Recently, laser therapies have been developed specifically for the purpose of treating nail fungus. This is a promising solution because heat has a destructive effect on almost all infectious agents.

Laser treatment heats the area beneath the nail to a level unwelcoming to fungi and other microbes. Typically, 3-5 treatments are scheduled before the toenail is assessed.

Can nail fungus be prevented?

Potential infection lurks in numerous places, so prevention can be tricky. One of the primary recommendations made by experts is to choose your nail salon wisely, since a good number of infections occur as a result of unsterile instruments, or the mechanism that circulates water in a salon’s foot bath. For optimal prevention, you can have your nail technician use your own personal grooming tools, and choose not to soak your feet during a pedicure.


Rather than avoiding your relaxing pedicure, we recommend choosing a salon you trust to sterilize equipment with proper techniques. Taking your own grooming tools gives you additional peace of mind.

Leaving nail fungus untreated, you risk infection spreading to other nails. The earlier treatment begins, the less chance there is of extensive damage.

Yes, if the cause of distortion is related only to fungus. If there has been an injury to the nail, laser treatment will not improve the appearance.

Research demonstrates that laser treatment can achieve positive outcomes for nail fungus, without the side effects associated with medication.

Yes. When your treatment is complete, you can put your shoes on, even closed-toed shoes, and return to your normal activities.

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