EsthetixMD can help with unsightly spider veins (telangiectasias), the small, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin that create a red appearance.

They can be safely removed or reduced with non-invasive laser vein treatment.

Small- to medium-sized blood vessels absorb heat from a laser, then safely dissolve.

Sessions usually last 30 minutes.

Patients need to consult with their doctor for more information on expected results and the timeframe in which they will see these changes.

For maximum comfort, we use the latest-generation laser, equipped with a sapphire cooling tip to help cool your skin during the laser treatment. We also use ice packs and chilled gel. With these measures, laser sessions for most are very tolerable. Without any comfort measures, the treatment feels similar to the snap of a small rubber band.

Most vein removal side effects are minor, such as redness, itching, slight swelling or soreness, similar in appearance to small bug bites. Symptoms can last up to 48 hours, but usually disappear sooner. Bruising is a rare side effect, typically resolving in seven to ten days. Numbing creams can be offered as needed.

There is no downtime with laser vein treatment. You’ll be asked to avoid direct sun and heat (such as hot tubs, saunas and soaking in hot baths) and high impact exercise for 48 hours following a session. You may be instructed to wear compression hosiery for that period. This is to allow the veins to remain closed for good results.

Results of spider vein treatments are long-lasting*, but the full series must be completed. While spider veins targeted during the procedure are gone for good, new veins could form over time that require future laser treatment.

The cost of laser vein treatment is based on the time spent performing the procedure, which varies by individual depending on the quantity and size of veins needing treatment. The number of sessions necessary varies from patient to patient, and this should be discussed with a professional*. Insurance does not cover vein removal as a cosmetic treatment.

*Individual results will vary