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EsthetixMD offers Vanquish, the latest technology in contactless non-invasive fat removal treatment! This device treats larger areas like the abdomen, love handles, and those trouble areas that don’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. Radio Frequency targets fat cells, heating the cells to 120 degrees which causes the cells to die and be cleared by your bodies lymphatic system. During your 30 minute treatment sensors in the machine will calculate your body fat levels and determine the exact amount of energy needed to reduce that fat! The number of treatments necessary to see desired results varies from patient to patient, and should be discussed with the doctor for more accurate timeframes.

Exilis Vanquish treatments are painless with no down time. EsthetixMD is the only center in Central Oregon to offer Vanquish, CoolSculpting, and Z-wave technologies which can be combined to achieve the maximum results! Schedule your appointment today of fill out the contact form below!

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No pain, no discomfort, no downtime; check out Vanquish, the non-surgical solution to reduce waist fat.

No pain, no discomfort, no downtime; check out Vanquish, the non-surgical solution to reduce waist fat.

A painless way to get rid of your pooch. Sound too good to be true, well let’s go to the procedure room to see a new treatment in action with Doctor Warden. Take it away my friend. That’s right there is a new treatment on the block for ridding those so-called figure faults that so many of us having and Doctor Paul Melanie is back with us as our guest expert and she’s brought a delightful patient, guest Page. Page you were telling me, you’re a spinner, you do your yoga a couple times a week but you have a couple of areas that are bothering you. Tell us about that. Well, it’s just you’re working out you’re eating well and it’s just it’s not going away. So specifically what areas if you could, the stomach, the tummy, a little, little, bit of a pooch, alright Doctor Paul, what do you have for us? So, we have something called vanquish, which is really new in its field of radiofrequency. This is non-contact it actually hovers over her body and it heats up the fat cells to a point about 120 degrees Fahrenheit where a certain amount of them undergoes apoptosis or controlled cell death. Apoptosis. You’re melting the fat but the question is is actually, is she getting a treatment now? She is. It’s quiet isn’t it it’s like use like nothing is happening. It’s really is, and because of its high tuning ability for fat specifically, it does not affect the overlying skin, it doesn’t affect the underlying organs. It really just heats up the fat, but in Paige’s case is just that little, little, pooch and we do have some photos, we do she was nice enough to bring from the study that show what kind of results page can look forward to, and these are actually my own patient, okay, so um inches lost between about one and a half inches in four inches of this patient believed lost two inches off of our waistline. So, this is really hope for someone hoping to lose like a pant size.

Look at that, oh my God look at this look at here, this is lose, all right let’s start this machine. Now this is the thing Whoopi was part of a clinical trial. She was part of a test group. That’s right. Look at this. An I have to tell you know I don’t sit still for anything. Is it numb? This works so well it’s and you have no issues with it. So, tell us about it doctor Dave. This is called vanquish. It uses radio frequency in a whole different way. It’s called multipolar, you can see from the picture how the bands go across under the skin and it targets deep tissue and it heats it. Now the tissue I’m targeting is fat. That si why Whoopi is always so hot. She is hot anyway. This is it? I tell you.  It gets hot, it get hot. It gets heat. I am tuning it to her fat and I control the tuning so I can target the fat very efficiently. So you’re targeting the fat kind of melting the fat? No pain, yes, you’re permanently destroying. It so you’re melting it but the fat is destroyed is gone. Does that mean her waistline, if she loses the two inches it’s not coming back? It’s not come back. Hell yeah. Oh my gosh, we love it. Let me tell you. Whoopi what? Let me tell you something, you know, I I’m not a big one for products and stuff. This machine is magnificent.  We will be right back.


Please schedule a consultation to find out more about how many treatments you will need to see results.

This treatment is on-invasive with no down time! You can go right back to work the same day as your treatment.

Typically we schedule treatments one week apart.

We recommend staying well hydrated following your appointment and wearing lose, comfortable clothes the day of your treatment.